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June 29th, 2011

Shawn Couzens

Shawn is a copywriter/CD at Grey in NYC. His site features an animated Shawn pulling portfolio categories out of his head, snoozing and falling out of his chair. Even though MC is a big fan of Cargo, it’s refreshing to see a site made for the writer whose name’s on the door. (Or URL.) Dig it.

Portfolio: shawncouzens.com

June 27th, 2011

Geoff McCartney

Geoff is a copywriter/CD/VP at DDB in Chicago. His portfolio is sick, especially the writing. And that includes work for clients one might not consider “sick” creative opportunities. Just goes to show. Tip ‘o the hat, Mr. McCartney.

Portfolio: geoffmccartney.com

June 24th, 2011

Creative Circus Week 2011 – CW Grads

Ladies and gentlemen, MC is honored to present the portfolio sites of the 2011 Creative Circus graduating copywriters (in alphabetical order):

Sarah Chase – ChaseSarahChase.com

Johnny Dantonio – johnnydantonio.com

Mike Gallucci – cargocollective.com/mikegallucci

Mike Haftel – mikehaftel.com

Dan Ahern – cargocollective.com/danahern

Matt Kapler – cargocollective.com/mkcw

Melissa Langston-Wood – melissalangstonwood.com

Neil Ramanan – topramanan.com

Blake Solomon – blakesolomon.com

Kevin Steele – cargocollective.com/kevinsteele

Matt Vitou – cargocollective.com/mattvitou

Eric Webster – eggwebster.com

Whitney Yando – whitneyyando.com

June 23rd, 2011

Creative Circus Week 2011 – Matt Kappler

What does it take to graduate from Circus and immediately land an awesome gig at Wexley School for Girls? Check it out.

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/mkcw

June 22nd, 2011

Creative Circus Week 2011 – Mike Gallucci

Going through the Circus CW grad books, you notice a couple of things. One, they were a tight group. Lots of references to each other in bios and photos of each other in their work. Lots of collaboration. Two, it seems like half of them were in rock bands or pseudo rock bands. Mike Gallucci was 1/2 of Soft Serve, one-hit wonder band (with fellow Circus CW grad Matt Vitou). Make sure you check that out. Also, don’t miss his crazy video for Hamilton Beach Blenders, and his Yelp reviews for himself.

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/mikegallucci

June 21st, 2011

Creative Circus Week 2011 – Mike Haftel

Mike is an intern at Strawberry Frog in NYC. Not only is he a talented writer, but check out his photo section. Lots of portfolios out there with photography as bonus sections, but Mike’s is great. Also check out Amplify: The Project. Awesome.

Portfolio: mikehaftel.com

June 20th, 2011

Creative Circus Week 2011 – Blake Solomon

The first thing you’ll notice about Blake’s portfolio site is Blake. Lots of Blake. Funny. Make sure you check out his campaign for McDonald’s, in which Ronald McDonald takes off the face paint and reveals himself as just Ron. A guy like you and me, but with a clown wig.

Portfolio: blakesolomon.com

June 17th, 2011

Daniel Lobatón Morey

Daniel is a Peruvian copywriter at Y&R Paris. For those of us who came up in the industry when the TV commercial was God, the past 10 years have been painful. Graphic design and Flash banners. Blah. But now, finally, we’re coming full circle. Video has caught up to the Internet, and visa versa, and we’re shooting again. So, when you see a portfolio like Daniel’s with a Short Films section, you don’t think of it as extra – you think great! The kid knows how to make a video. Now go tell Craft Services that we want those little smoothies with the vitamin C booster. Pronto.

Portfolio: daniellobaton.com

June 15th, 2011

UPDATE – Alexandre Scaff

Alexandre is a copywriter/CD at Grey Brasil. He’s got a brand new site on Wix (new to MC, far as we know) that’s beautiful. Some awesome new work, too.

Portfolio: wix.com/scaff21/work

June 13th, 2011

Tom Wilson

Tom is a copywriter/CD in Chicago. His portfolio is just awesome, but his print section (“READ”) is especially sick: Altoids, Porsche, Gatorade, Bahamas. Yes, please.

Portfolio: hiretomwilson.com

June 10th, 2011

Yama Rahyar

Yama is a copywriter at DGWB in Los Angeles. Don’t misses: Words of Wetzel’s, 12 Days of In-N-Out, and Banks Hate You.

Portfolio: behance.net/yamarahyar

June 8th, 2011

David Register

David is a copywriter/EVP/GCD at Arnold Worldwide in Boston. His site is more than advertising. It’s the creative output of one David Register, including photos, a kids book, and a collage he made for his son. Love it.

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/dregister

June 6th, 2011

Carlos Bretel

Carlos is a senior copywriter at Lápiz Leo Burnett in Chicago. Originally from Perú, he began his career in Lima, and there’s a good mix of work from both countries on his site. Check out his work for Gain. Print is amazing. Radio is funny. TV is just crazy.

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/bretel

June 3rd, 2011

Louis Wittig

Louis is a junior copywriter at iNDELIBLE in NYC. His portfolio features a campaign for the American Heart Association that uses the nastiness of pizza grease to deliver its message in an ingenious way (above). His portfolio also features an app for Little Caesars pizza. And there, my friends, is the copywriter conundrum. We saveth from heart attack. We selleth the heart attack.

Portfolio: louiswittig.com

June 1st, 2011

Greg Gerstner

Greg is a copywriter/ACD at Ogilvy NYC. Love how his site is written. Nothing on the home page, just clean. History and Honors is thorough but minimal. For each campaign, there’s just the right amount of set-up (when set-up is needed). And credits are fully blown-out, awards show-style.

Portfolio: greggerstner.com

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