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November 29th, 2012

Sarah Weigl

Sarah is a copywriter at Sanders/Wingo in Austin. (Her site was submitted by Nikki Lott at Integer. High-five, Nikki.) One of the things MC enjoys most, going through a CW’s portfolio, is seeing their personality come through the work. Spend 30 seconds on Sarah’s site, and you see it. Bad-ass. Also, be sure to check out her rad blog Badder Homes & Gardens, with Nikki and Krista Hogg. Awesome.

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/sarahweigl

November 27th, 2012

CW Wanted: Breakaway Boston

Scott Maney, Chief Creative Officer at Breakaway in Boston (and friend of MC) is looking for a writer. From Scott: “Small, very unique shop of 15 in Boston. Less than 2 years old. Starting to explode with new work. Looking for a writer who can, and wants to, handle everything from TV to print to digital to social to product development. A lot of sports and lifestyle work. An energy brand. Consumer tech. Creatively-focused consumer products. Launching a new fashion e-commerce site. The list seems to grow every week. We have a venture capital arm too so we invest in cool companies. Definitely not the old school ad agency model.” Interested? Awesome. Email Scott at the address below.

Email Scott: smaney@breakaway.com

Agency site: breakaway.com

November 22nd, 2012

Ian Going

Ian is a copywriter in San Francisco and a recent graduate of Miami Ad School. MC loves student books. Ah, the freedom. Check out Ian’s Winter Orgasm Rescue campaign for Durex, based on the premise that women don’t have orgasms when their feet are cold. MC had no idea.

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/iangng

November 20th, 2012

Daniel Joseph

Daniel is a copywriter in San Francisco, formerly at Y&R Prague and TracyLocke NYC. So fun to see what a portfolio looks like after spending a couple of years in Prague. Because it’s so fun to imagine, hey, what if I did that? What if I packed it up and moved to Prague? How awesome would that be?

Portfolio: djosephportfolio.carbonmade.com

November 19th, 2012

CW Wanted: The VIA Agency, Portland ME

Kara Howard, Recruiting Specialist at The Via Agency in Portland, ME, is looking for a copywriter. (Click on the logo above to check out their site. It’s awesome.) From Kara: “The VIA Agency is looking for a Copywriter who doesn’t just dream big but brings big ideas to life. VIA specializes in tackling some of the toughest marketing challenges out there, period. So if you wanna make your mark doing work that is different, and makes a difference, give us a holler. Our clients include Samsung, Friendly’s, Welch’s, LoJack, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Perdue, and a host of other cool brands. Please note that while we are in Portland, Maine, we are an ambitious lot, attracting clients and talent from all over. We are hard workers, fun lovers and straight shooters. Put simply, if you’re smart, curious and one helluva copywriter, we would love to meet with you.”

Email Kara your portfolio/link (no calls, please) at: careers@theviaagency.com

November 14th, 2012

Kapil Kachru

Kapil is a freelance writer/CD in Boston. Before going full-time global freelance superstar, he spent five years at Modernista!, but really MC can’t list everywhere he’s worked because it’s pretty much everywhere awesome. As copywriters, what we do is commerce and art. Some a little more commerce. Some a little more art. When you land on Kapil’s site, you immediately know. It’s art.

Portfolio: kapilkachru.com

November 13th, 2012

CWs & CD Wanted: Rosetta L.A. & San Luis Obispo

Kryssy Bloch, Director of Creative Recruiting at Rosetta, is looking for a Digital CD for their LA office and several Mid-level copywriters for their San Luis Obispo office. From Kryssy: “Rosetta is a consulting-centered interactive agency engineered to transform marketing for the connected world. Our mission is to be a catalyst for growth, driving material business impact by translating deep consumer insights into personally relevant brand experiences across touch points and over time. Our unique capabilities and the way we activate them have enabled our market leadership position, operating as an independent brand in the Publicis Groupe of global agencies.”

To apply, submit a portfolio link or PDF to: kryssy.bloch@rosetta.com

Or, apply on their career page at: rosetta.com/about/careers

November 12th, 2012

Allison Lackey

Allison is a freelance copywriter at EVB in San Francisco, after (almost) graduating from Miami Ad School. Love the tag for her Crest White Strips campaign: “The hugest little difference.” Winner.

Portfolio: allisonlackey.com

November 7th, 2012

Erik Fahrenkopf

Erik is a copywriter/CD at Goodby in San Francisco. He shares a portfolio site with partner/AD Anthony Decarolis, and their work is just ridiculous awesome. MC had a tough time selecting which piece to feature, but you can’t go wrong with Cheetos Flamin’ Hot fingers dialing 911. Brilliant.

Portfolio: antanderik.com

November 5th, 2012

Mike Fisher

Mike is a copywriter/CD in Dallas. He spent a serious chunk of time at The Richards Group (12 years), and his Behance portfolio is full of all kinds of Home Depot work—including the above billboard that hung at Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, owned by Jerry Jones. MC is neutral in all matters, and respects all 50 states, including Texas which is home to more than one great city and many, many awesome, creative people. But there’s no denying it. There’s only one Texas.

Portfolio: http://be.net/mikefishercreative

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