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April 30th, 2014

UPDATE: Chris Hancock


Since his last post on MC (wayyy back on 12.01.09), Chris has moved from Butler to Draftfcb to McKinney, where he’s now an ACD/writer. He’s also added a ton of killer new work to his site, including Chipotle, Travelocity and Priceline. Wayyy past time for an update.

Portfolio: chrishancockwriter.com

April 29th, 2014

UPDATE: Jim Terry


Since his last post on MC (03.26.12), Jim has moved from Portland to SoCal and added some new work to his site. Time for an update! It should also be noted that Jim is an Oregon grad, as is MC. So, while he’s now living the high life in Hermosa Beach or wherever, his head is firmly on the ground. Or his feet. No, his feet are in the sand. His head, then. On the ground. (Ahem.) Go Ducks!

Portfolio: themothership.cc

April 28th, 2014

CW Interns Wanted (2): Mother, New York


Martin Baker, a writer at Mother, gave MC a heads-up that they’re looking for a couple of summer CW interns in NYC. And that they’ve got this guy, Donald, trolling LinkedIn for candidates. How do you know if Donald is trolling for you? Watch the video and find out.

Check out Donald: Click here
Watch the video: Click here
Apply for internships: Click here

April 25th, 2014

VCU Brandcenter Week 2014 – CW Grads


Ladies and gentlemen, MC is honored to present the portfolio sites of the 2014 VCU Brandcenter graduating copywriters (in alphabetical order):

Sam Bauer – sambauercw.com

Karen Bolipata – karenbolipata.com

Jimmy Burton – jimmyburton.com

Ally Farrish – allyfarrish.com

Peter Henningsen – peterhenningsen.com

Katie Johnston – katierjohnston.com

Blakeley Jones – blakeleyjones.com

Demian Kendall – demiankendall.com

Chase Kimball – clkimball.com

Nicole Lague – nicolelague.com

Liz Loudy – lizloudy.com

Samson Madella – samsonmadella.com

Steve Nass – stevenjnass.com

Trong Nguyen – tronghnguyen.com

Hunter Pinnell – hpinnell.com

Erin Ridgeway – erinridgeway.com

Garrick Sheldon – garricksheldon.com

Gabe Sherman – meetgabesherman.com

Colleen Trachy – colleentrachy.com

April 24th, 2014

VCU Brandcenter Week 2014 – Jimmy Burton


Jimmy’s Divorce-A-Ments project begins with this simple introduction: “A lot of things change after your parents get divorced. One of those things is Christmas.” Amen, brother. MC is guessing we’ll see some form of these in Urban Outfitters around November/December.

Portfolio: jimmyburton.com

April 23rd, 2014

VCU Brandcenter Week 2014 – Samson Madella


Samson is from South India, where from 2002 through 2012 he was a professional bass player, church elder, missionary, guitar player, songwriter, clinician, proofreader, gofer, report writer, activist, publicist, singer, change agent, band manager, hotel lobby musician, content writer, and social justice advocate. Today, he is a new copywriter grad from VCU Brandcenter, and his site features projects represented by electric guitar pedals. Excellent.

Portfolio: samsonmadella.com

April 22nd, 2014

VCU Brandcenter Week 2014 – Ally Farrish


You know what’s funny? Listening to people annunciate when they’ve got a cold. It’s just stupid funny. Ally’s campaign for Afrin features a Google Translate language setting for Congested (sponsored) that turns ordinary sentences into their stuffed-up equivalent. Afrin needs to do that.

Portfolio: allyfarrish.com

April 21st, 2014

VCU Brandcenter Week 2014 – Garrick Sheldon


VCU Brandcenter Week 2014 kicks off with Mr. Garrick Sheldon. Part of the fun of putting together a student book is that you not only get to go crazy creative with the work, but also with clients/projects. Garrick’s Monsanto campaign “In search of solutions, not popularity” flips the finger at protesters in the name solving world hunger. His Gas-X campaign “Focus” is a series of short documentaries about people who need less distractions on the job—female and male strippers is the first (above), bomb technicians will be the second. His LegalZoom.com campaign “Garage, Inc.” is about connecting entrepreneurs with investors who are willing to invest workspace. Dig it.

Portfolio: garricksheldon.com

April 17th, 2014

Taylor Siolka


Taylor is a copywriter/acd at R/West in Portland. After checking out his portfolio (don’t miss the First Tech spot with the pen, “A pen. Notice anything different about it? No chain attached.” Yes.), click over to his Culture page and behold Cruisedays On The Roof, which is all about watching Tom Cruise movies on the agency roof. (See Ice Man ice sculpture above.) Warning: there’s a tight-whitey shot halfway down the page.

Portfolio: taylorsiolka.com

April 16th, 2014

UPDATE: Ben Santoriello


Ben is a freelance writer in Chicago. Since his last post on MC, just after graduating from Circus (09.28.12), he’s spent time at INNOCEAN and Draftfcb, and added a bunch of work to his site. His book is in that in-between stage, part student and part produced, which MC digs seeing the most. So interesting to check out what writers create in school, and what that means in agency life, at this shop or that. Clicking through Ben’s site, MC totally remembered his school book vibe. And watching his FootJoy video, it’s like, yep, there he is—Bag Checking a pro golfer, just hoping to find Atomic Fireballs or Laphroaig.

Portfolio: bensantoriello.com

April 14th, 2014

Jenny Wagstaff


Jenny is a copywriter at Ogilvy in NYC, just over a year into it. Her book is in that part-student/part-produced stage that MC loves to see. Jenny’s got nine projects up on her site at the time of this post, three produced for UPS & Ferrari, Philips Norelco Social, and Big Ad Gig/Bully Prevention, plus six student campaigns. MC had no choice but to post a piece from her student campaign for Half Price Books, featuring The Cat In The Hat plus Gulliver’s Travels (originally titled “Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World. In Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and then a Captain of Several Ships” for the literary among us). “Two books for the price of one.” Nice.

Portfolio: jennybean.virb.com

April 11th, 2014

Josh Gordon


Josh is a recent grad of Miami Ad School (Oregon before that, go Ducks!), in New York, just starting a gig at R/GA this very week. How great is that? Great. Who wouldn’t want to be Josh this week? Nobody. Meaning, everybody. Would want to be Josh this week. Nobody wouldn’t want to be him. Big ups, Josh!

Portfolio: jgocreative.com

April 9th, 2014

Senior CW Wanted: Factory Labs, Denver

FDL Lobby

Sara Greene, Director of Talent Management at Factory Labs in Denver, is on the hunt for a Senior Copywriter (would also consider an ACD/CW for the right person). For a detailed job description or to apply, click the link below. To check out Factory Labs, click the image above. From the job description: “The Senior Copywriter is a senior-level position within the agency, with the potential to move into a management role. Senior Copywriters collaborate with account, media and creative teams to strategize, develop and produce work across every medium, from broadcast and print, to web and mobile applications. Roles and responsibilities include owning creative assignments as a lead team member, concepting, presenting and crafting the work, and playing an integral role in new business pitches.”

For job description or to apply: Click here

April 8th, 2014

CW Wanted: Code and Theory NYC


Jeremias Stelter, Recruitment Director at Code and Theory NYC, is on the hunt for a copywriter. From Jeremias: “Who are we? We’re Code and Theory – specifically the brand side of our company, where we work on everything from Dr Pepper, to Burger King, to Jack Daniel’s. We’re looking for a copywriter with 2-4 years agency experience to join the team.

Who are you? You’re getting good at presenting your work, you love what you do, you get excited about doing work that’s never been done before, you can write headlines, and idea statements, and come up with big integrated ideas. You’ll be working on one of America’s biggest soda brands, with some whiskey on the side. You’ll be working with a partner. And having a good time in the heart of SoHo as part of one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the US. You’ll even be allowed to bring in your dog from time to time.”

Send your URL to Jeremias at: jeremias.stelter@codeandtheory.com

April 7th, 2014

Bryan McManus


Bryan is a new copywriter in NYC, having just finished up his first portfolio at Adhouse. (Big ups, Bryan!) Lots of fun writing on his site for brands like Bolt Bus, Major League Soccer, Strand Bookstore, and Money Magazine. Can’t wait to see where he lands.

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/bryanjmcmanus

April 3rd, 2014

CW/AD Wanted: Wells Fargo Bay Area/Charlotte


Wells Fargo is on the hunt for both a senior copywriter and a senior art director to join their in-house Enterprise Creative Group in either the Bay Area or Charlotte (your choice). From Wells Fargo, on the CW position: “This is a newly created role within the Enterprise Creative Group that will work under the direction of our Creative Director. The Senior Copywriter will work across a range of digital and traditional projects including print, video, online advertising and digital direct response with an emphasis on creating effective and breakthrough direct mail communications.

The ideal candidate has:

  • 10+ years of experience in an agency or in-house agency environment
  • Experience with various marketing executions, including print, video, online advertising and digital media, with focus on direct mail
  • Experience managing a team with focus on communication, engagement and leadership, a demonstrated ability to effectively communicate constructive feedback, coordinate, motivate, and supervise project teams
  • Experience working across the enterprise, forming effective partnerships with multiple areas of the company
  • Experience working in a fast-paced, constantly-changing, matrix-management organization while multiple competing priorities present”

For the full SR CW info/to apply: Click Here search Requisition Number 3856617

For the full SR AD info/to apply: Click Here search Requisition Number 3856615

April 3rd, 2014

Stevie Rowing-Parker


Stevie is a copywriter in London, currently freelancing at Droga5, previously at Channel 4 and Mother. He shares a site with AD/creative partner Emily Churches. Don’t miss Gay Mountain—their video showing Channel 4’s support of gay athletes at the Olympics in Sochi. Rawrrr.

Portfolio: emilyandstevie.com

April 2nd, 2014

James Madsen


James is a copywriter/art director/CD in Milwaukee, on the hunt for his next adventure. Notice the CW/AD slash in his title. How many CWs have fantasized about having that slash? “I know my copy is great. It just needs to be designed different. If only …” and then you wake up, still seeing some ghost of the perfect layout in your mind, but not clearly enough to do it yourself, and besides, you don’t really know how to do type in InDesign anyway, even if you do know the kerning button. Dang.

Portfolio: holymolycow.com

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