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August 31st, 2015

Tim Mac


Tim is a copywriter in NYC, previously at Big Red in Melbourne, Australia, looking to land his first job in the States. Click on his About page and you find a write-up from Tim about having never won an award in his first three years in the business because Big Red doesn’t enter them. You’ll also find a video below it—a testimonial from Tim Horton (Founder of Big Red) and Campbell Smith (Creative Director of Big Red)—the most glowing testimonial MC has ever seen, period. Who needs awards when you’ve got that?

Portfolio: timmacsurlalonemakesmethinkthatweshouldprobablyhirehim.com

August 27th, 2015

Blake Solomon


Blake is a copywriter at Erwin Penland in NYC. Way back on 6.20.11, he was featured on MC during Creative Circus Week 2011. Since then, he’s had quite a four years: Denny’s, LL Bean, Mercedes-Benz, Sweet’N Low, Smart Car—but he’s still rocking one of MC’s favorite portfolio site homepages: faces of Blake. So Blake, in so many ways.

Portfolio: blakesolomon.com

August 25th, 2015

Copywriter Wanted: Breakaway, Boston


Scott Maney, Chief Creative Officer (and good friend to MC) at Breakaway in Boston, is on the hunt for a killer copywriter. From Scott: “We’re looking for a writer who can actually write. Sounds crazy, but not everything is a visual solution or an idea for an app.

We need someone who thinks like an entrepreneur and is creative like an artist and is a craftsman (or craftswoman) about their work. There’s a shit ton of opportunity here – to build your book, to launch business ideas, to work with cool start-ups, to change big brands. We need honey badgers that don’t care what the medium is, they can crush it whether it’s film or print or digital or packaging or naming or collateral or web. Because we do all those things and so will the writer.

It’s not about how much experience you have. Would rather have the right person with a year experience than the wrong one with ten. But if you have leadership skills and can be in front of clients, we’ll give you all the responsibility you can handle and the pay that goes along with it.”

Check us out at breakaway.com.”

Send a note and your book to Scott Maney at smaney@breakaway.com.

August 24th, 2015

Senior Copywriter Wanted: GreenRubino, Seattle


Tina Mainar, Director of Human Resources at GreenRubino in Seattle, is on the hunt for a senior copywriter. From Tina: “We’re looking for a kick-ass senior copywriter/concept guru. The ideal candidate is a master wordsmith and idea generator who knows how to present/sell them to clients and makes nice in the sandbox. Writing TV, radio, print and online film is essential. You’ve likely graduated from an advertising program or possess a Bachelor’s Degree in some form of communications or humanities. At least 5 years experience and a strong portfolio is a huge advantage, but if you’re a recent graduate with an incredibly strong portfolio, we would love to meet you. We also love that you’ve written poetry, but don’t need to see it just yet, if ever.”

Email your link to: Careers@greenrubino.com

August 22nd, 2015

Senior Copywriter Wanted: Stone Brewery, CA


Like beer? (Yes.) Like copywriting? (Yes.) Then Stone Brewing is on the hunt for YOU,  senior copywriter. From Stone Brewery: “Stone Brewing Co. is looking for a talented Senior Copywriter to join our Marketing team. This individual develops conceptual ideas and creative writing for new beer release campaigns, the company website, sales, events, and merchandise.


  • Work closely with design partner and the marketing team to brainstorm ideas, create unique concepts and develop messaging for new beer campaigns and other materials
  • Create portfolio-worthy work that is written from the perspective of the “Stone voice” and upholds the standards of the creative and marketing teams
  • Write and edit copy for a variety of mediums including packaging, point-of-sale, print, interactive/web, mobile, video and merchandise
  • Regularly present ideas to senior level team members and clients


  • Craft beer fan with in-depth knowledge of beer styles and brewing processes and the ability to confidently write about them
  • Must have a strong portfolio of conceptual, strategy-based creative work that demonstrates writing talent and originality
  • Fast thinker who can generate ideas quickly and is comfortable working in a fast-paced environment
  • Confident presenter who is comfortable in front of clients and has the proven ability to pitch and sell ideas
  • Regularly reads industry publications and keeps up-to-date with the latest news and ideas in the beer and creative industries”

To learn more or apply: Click here

August 20th, 2015

Copywriter Wanted: Two by Four, Chicago


Laura Allen, HR/Operations Supervisor at Two by Four in Chicago, is on the hunt for a copywriter. From Laura: “Is your brain a petri dish for great ideas? Do they bounce around in your head like pinballs on crack? If so, perhaps you’d like to see them come to fruition as a Great Idea Generator: Copywriter at Two by Four. We’re in the market for a kick-ass writer—someone who not only gets it, but does it. An inventive, surprising, passionate thinker, someone who can take a strategy and conceptually turn it on its ear. A self-motivated, self-aware self-starter, with an understanding of mediums from television to web, print to guerilla—and everything in between. Oh, and did we mention you’ll be doing this at breakneck speed? Buckle your seatbelt. If you think you’ve got what it takes, give us a shout. You may be the right writer for the job.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop fantastic creative concepts, seen through to execution
  • Come at things from refreshingly unique angles; don’t just show us the expected stuff: surprise us, excite us, wow us, and make us happy we hired you
  • Do create work that makes our clients, the agency and your parents proud
  • Don’t be a prima donna; if you are, trust us—you won’t last very long here
  • Raise your hand when you’re not busy. Volunteer. Engage. Immerse yourself. Help out wherever you can. Make yourself indispensable. We’ll notice, you’ll benefit.
  • Depending on experience level, present work to clients; in any event, you’ll be working towards that goal—we don’t want to go to every client meeting
  • Keep track of your hours and do your time sheets on time; yes, this matters
  • Oh, and other thing: we start at 8:30; yes, this matters, too—set your alarm accordingly
  • Roll up your sleeves, put on your thinking cap and dive headfirst into new business we’ve won a ton of new biz this year alone. Want an opportunity to grow? This is it.
  • Stand out, but fit in. This is one helluva fun place to work, with a really cool agency culture. Be a part of it.

Qualifications/Skills Required for this Position:

  • Enough experience to let us know that you know what you’re doing.
  • A killer portfolio.
  • Being a grown-up. We don’t want to have to watch over you all the time, and you don’t want that either. If you can’t work without supervision, this won’t work.
  • A general understanding of how things work in advertising, including radio production and TV production, print production, web development, etc.”

For more info or to apply email Laura at: lallen@twoxfour.com

August 17th, 2015

Copywriter Wanted: Free Range, Oakland


Mandy Townsend, Director of People Operations at Free Range in Oakland, is on the hunt for a copywriter. From Mandy: “Free Range is looking for a Copywriter to join our design and innovation studio. This is an enormous opportunity to join a team of artists, designers, strategists, writers and technologists who believe in the power of group genius. We have a killer roster of clients and projects and it’s growing every day.

The ideal candidate: You are fanatical about creativity. You love making things: video, digital, print, stories, presentations–whatever is necessary. You want to create award-winning work that makes your peers jealous.

You are resourceful. You know how to get great things done in spite of constraints like time and money. You have a DIY spirit.

You believe in collaboration. You are comfortable with healthy debate and know how to build enthusiasm for your ideas. You know how to present your ideas to clients and sell them. You participate authentically and enthusiastically in brainstorms, briefings and client presentations. You have opinions and an original point of view.

You have a passion for storytelling that can inspire and motivate. You have a dedication to the craft of writing, and are well-versed in production.

You have the ability to approach every assignment with a fresh perspective. You bring energy, passion and curiosity to your work. You are realistic, optimistic and enjoy hard, purposeful work.

You love what you do and love to have fun doing it.


  • A great online portfolio of recent and current projects.
  • 3-5 years of experience as a Copywriter at a creative agency or on an in-house team.
  • Expertise in writing for all digital mediums including video, websites, apps, email and social channels.
  • Ability to think conceptually while working with a team to bring creativity to a wide range of projects.
  • A talent for clearly and confidently presenting your work in front of both internal and external audiences.
  • Current in design, current affairs, popular culture, and new advertising trends and techniques.
  • Motivated, highly-organized with a keen eye for detail and craft.”

To apply: Click here

August 17th, 2015

Lawrence Wang


Lawrence is a copywriter at SapientNitro in Boston. Four years ago, he landed his first gig at Breakaway after seeing a post about it on MC. (Love that.) Now he’s shooting the fiddle for Ram, making rich media banners for Fiat, and posting all kinds of “chicanery” around the office. Well done, sir.

Portfolio: writeaswang.com

August 12th, 2015

Adam Koehler


Adam is a copywriter/ACD at McCann in NYC. Since his last post on MC (back on 8.08.12), he’s added projects for Microsoft, CFP and Progressive (awesome Flo print campaign). He’s also written a book, The Path To Unenlightenment. Anytime you get to say, “Since the last time I was here I’ve written a book” you’re good. Dig it.

Portfolio: adamkoehlercreative.com

August 10th, 2015

Copywriter Wanted: Firstborn NYC


Brett Swanson, Team Development Director at Firstborn in NYC, is on the hunt for a copywriter. From Brett: “Firstborn is looking for a Copywriter to join our team of pun enthusiasts, grammar geeks and all around word nerds. We want someone who can help generate big campaign ideas, but can also craft some awesome copy for apps, websites and even new business pitches.”

To learn more about Firstborn, click their logo above. (Should definitely check them out.) To apply or for more info, email the address below.

Email your site link to: jobs.writer@firstborn.com

August 5th, 2015

Mike Tsapos


Mike is a freelance ACD/copywriter currently at Leo Burnett in Chicago. He’s got a crazy variety of projects on his Behance site—from BMW Motorcycles to ESPN/Die Hard 4 co-branding, a campaign for the American Association of Railroads to a commercial for DCBeer.com featuring, well, you’ll just have to see that one for yourself. (MC only looked at the left side, FYI.)

Portfolio: behance.net/mtsapos

August 3rd, 2015

Stephie Coplan


Stephie is a junior copywriter at kbs+ in NYC. Before advertising, she was in Stephie Coplan & The Pedestrians, a band that charted #15 on the rock radio in 2012 with “JERK!” So what do you get when you combine advertising and rock n’ roll? For one thing, the best on-hold music track ever. Don’t miss the song Stephie wrote, produced and performed for Windstream (telco in Little Rock, AK). Dig it.

Portfolio: stephiecoplan.com

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