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November 28th, 2015

Jeff Richey


Jeff is a senior copywriter at Sanders\Wingo in Austin. (His site was submitted to MC by Alan McCoy, big ups!) Lots of cool projects in his portfolio for brands like Republic Tequila (above), AT&T (featuring Paul George), and Run For The Water—a charity run in Austin that gives one person in Burundi, Africa clean drinking water for life for each entry. Good times.

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/seejeffwrite

November 24th, 2015

CW/ACD/CD Wanted: Cramer-Krasselt, Chicago


Craig Likhite, Vice President/Creative Manager at CK Chicago, is on the hunt for an ACD/CD-level copywriter to work on their Porsche account (awesome). From Craig: “This is the most emotional car brand in the world. We sell the dream of Porsche. It’s also one of the most advanced car brands in the world. So we also sell the performance of Porsche. The two are forever linked. We create giant content generating events. We create 90 second cinema films. We create 5 second Facebook films. We create pinpoint target direct mail pieces.  Everything we do connects with our followers and initiates newbies into the Porsche world. If you can get excited about making really cool shit for one of the most amazing brands in the world, let us know.” Um, yes please. If you’re interested, email Craig directly at the address below.

Send questions/site to Craig at: CLikhite@c-k.com

November 21st, 2015

Copywriter Wanted: Bright Red\TBWA, Florida


In May 2015, Bright Red\TBWA posted a job opening for a Senior CW on MC. Senior Copywriter Philip Laue saw the post, got the gig, and now six months later is posting a new CW opening on MC. Love that. From Philip: “I was like you once. Reading Modern Copywriter and wondering if anybody ever really gets hired from these job posts. Aren’t the robots supposed to be taking over soon anyways? Well, good news, real person. If the copy bots are upon us, they haven’t hit Tallahassee yet.

This outpost of great advertising is still being run by some of the most creative humans you’ll ever meet. We’re looking for another creative human to join our ranks, preferably in a mid-level or senior role with at least four years of experience. You’ll be working alongside other real people to do award-winning advertising for travel and tourism, consumer packaged goods, and more.

Just send your resume and portfolio to my boss (Rob Kerr, ECD) at rkerr@brightredtbwa.com. He’s totally not a robot either and this whole post is totally not the only way that I can get a message to the outside world. And even if it was, who cares? This place pays you a competitive salary to write stuff like this.”

Email Rob at: rkerr@brightredtbwa.com

November 18th, 2015

ACD/Copywriter Wanted: Two by Four, Chicago


Laura Allen, HR/Operations Supervisor at Two by Four in Chicago, is on the hunt for an ACD/Copywriter. From Laura: “Are you overflowing with brilliance? So much so, that you feel compelled to share your genius with others? Then maybe you’re just what we’re looking for. Two by Four is in the market for a Great Idea Generator: ACD/Copywriter. One who not only routinely generates unbelievably great ideas, but can show others how to hone that skill as well. Someone who’s one helluva writer—and one helluva leader. If you translate strategy to concept in surprising ways, move smoothly and suavely in account/creative/client circles, live to nurture up-and-coming newbies, and feel most comfortable working at light speed, boy—do we have the job for you.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop fantastic creative concepts, seen through to execution
  • Come at things from refreshingly unique angles. Don’t just show us the expected stuff: surprise us, excite us, wow us, and make us happy we hired you
  • Do create work that makes our clients, the agency and your parents proud
  • Don’t be a prima donna. If you are, trust us: you won’t last very long here
  • Oversee and guide one (or more) creative teams on any given project
  • Present work to and develop relationships with clients
  • Keep track of your hours and do your time sheets on time: yes, this matters
  • Oh, and one other thing: we start at 8:30 (Yes, this matters, too—so set your alarm accordingly)
  • Dive headfirst into new business
  • Stand out, but fit in—this is one helluva fun place to work, with a really cool agency culture…be a part of it.

Qualifications/Skills Required for this Position:

  • Enough experience to let us know that you know what you’re doing
  • A really nice body of work
  • Leadership and management chops—people are going to be looking up to you
  • An expert understanding of how things work in advertising, including radio and TV production, print, web development, etc.”

For more info or to apply email Laura at: lallen@twoxfour.com

November 16th, 2015

Senior CW Wanted: Target, Minneapolis


Steve Chirhart, copywriter/ACD at Target in Minneapolis (and good friend to MC), is on the hunt for a great writer to join the Target Creative team. From Steve: “Do you spend more time than you want to admit on social? Do you put the big idea before a bunch of plain old pretty words? Are you ready to make heads turn, break some glass (figuratively) and create headline-grabbing work? If yes, then just a heads up: We’re looking for someone who can take strategy and spin it into something shareable. Someone who has a sharp eye (and ear) for killer writing, but can push below the surface. Someone who can collaborate with a bunch of go-getters, what if-ers and socially savvy makers willing to break the rules and shake up the norm to make cool things happen. A sense of humor, the ability to keep it light and carefree is key. Above all else, you’ll get to help shape one of the world’s strongest social brands and work with one of the best teams in the business.

Interested? Below are just a few examples of projects you’d be working on at any given moment. Really interested? Let Steve.Chirhart@Target.com know.”

LINK: Halloween 2015

LINK: All Natural Tag

LINK: April Fool’s!

LINK: Target Instagram

For more info or to apply email Steve: Steve.Chirhart@Target.com

November 11th, 2015

Casey Marks


Casey is a copywriter in San Diego, previously at Piston, after graduating from VCU. One of MC’s favorite things about being a copywriter is the crazy variety of subjects you get to immerse yourself in, for a week or a month or a year, in order to write for this or that. Casey’s portfolio features a car buying site, NFL team, probiotics beverage, Pride parade, and online movie promotions (including the LEGO movie, above). Good times.

Portfolio: caseybredl.com

November 9th, 2015

Ari Levi


Ari is a copywriter/ACD in Boulder, recently at Victors & Spoils, now full-time freelance and available for hire. His Squarespace site is divided into four sections: Print, TV/Videos, Interactive, and Integrated. In Interactive, don’t miss his case study for JCPenny #tweetingwithmittens. Genius.

Portfolio: arilevisbook.com

November 5th, 2015

Freelance CW Wanted: Viewstream, San Francisco


Kiko Villarán at Viewstream in SF is on the hunt for a freelance copywriter. From Kiko: “Viewstream is looking for a talented freelance/project-based Copywriter to join our Marketing team. We are an amalgam of artists, designers, strategists, writers and technologists who believe in group collaboration. Seventeen of the Fortune 100 companies, including Microsoft, Intel and Honeywell, and sixteen of the top one hundred software companies, including Adobe, Autodesk and Blackboard trust us to deliver their message, and we take great pride in it.


  • You have the ability to think conceptually as well as write creatively and informatively
  • You love what you do, be it digital, print, stories, presentations, etc.
  • You want to create award-winning work
  • You know how to write copy that that SELLS
  • You are resourceful
  • You have a command of prose and tell a great story – in 10 words or 100
  • You participate authentically and enthusiastically in brainstorms and briefings
  • You have a passion for storytelling that can inspire and motivate
  • You have the ability to approach every assignment with a fresh perspective
  • You are realistic, optimistic and enjoy hard, purposeful work
  • You love what you do and love to have fun doing it


  • Work closely with the marketing team to brainstorm ideas, create unique concepts and develop messaging for new campaigns and whatever other materials are needed
  • Write and edit copy for a variety of mediums including packaging, point-of-sale, print, interactive/web, mobile, video, merchandise and whatever we night throw your way
  • Present ideas to senior level team members and clients
  • Others as needed”

For more info or to apply, email Kiko at: kvillaran@viewstream.com

November 3rd, 2015

Senior CW Wanted: Amuse, Houston


Amuse in Houston is on the hunt for a Senior CW. From Amuse: “Amuse is a full-service agency in Houston, TX and backed by the reach of Hearst media. We’re looking for a Senior Copywriter to develop concepts, create original content and manage overall copywriting efforts for large accounts. Immersive research, technical copy, and long-form prose will be integral to the position. You will work with the Creative Director to ensure that the team’s creative efforts are as efficient and impactful as possible. This role will involve managing other copywriters in their overall efforts to research, conceptualize, write, proofread and edit original content for digital and analog experiences.


  • Writing, editing, and proofing copy and content
  • Communicating with team leads to coordinate concept, copy, interface, graphic design and navigational structure of projects
  • Exceptional portfolio of both technical and creative writing samples
  • Defining new creative possibilities for client engagements, from rich media ad units and social media programs, to original video scripts, webisodes and digital signage
  • Assisting in the leadership, development and growth of the copy and content teams
  • Developing compelling creative within interactive communications for online and traditional media
  • Presenting copy both internally and to the client

What You’ll Need:

  • 5-7 years of industry experience
  • At least 3 years of digital agency experience
  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Journalism, English or Communications
  • Experience in writing long-form and technical copy, video scripts and digital copy
  • Ability and desire to lead and manage other writers
  • Strong campaign and conceptual thinking skills
  • Desire and ability to conceptualize and collaborate with other team members
  • Must be self-motivated and able to work on multiple projects under tight deadlines
  • Must have full command of AP Style

For more info or to apply, email Vivek at: Vchittur@amusedigital.com

November 2nd, 2015

Michael Chen


Michael is a copywriter at RPA in Los Angeles. His portfolio is loaded with killer projects for Honda (which you’d expect from RPA), plus ARCO, Kawasaki, and Farmers. His site is built with Strikingly (strikingly.com), which is new to MC. Super easy to nav and looks great. Dig it.

Portfolio: mikechen.me

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