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January 7th, 2018

MC Best of 2017: Perfect Casting


This is so subjective. But the casting in Brian Hallisey’s Jack-In-The-Box spot, “Advanced Burrito,” just kills us every time we watch it. The three students are just so. Dang. Perfect. “This is Intro to Burrito???”

Check it out (scroll down to “Advanced Burrito”): cargocollective.com/brianhallisey/JACK-IN-THE-BOX

And then, you can’t really do better than the lunks in this Planet Fitness spot by Clarence Bradley:

Check it out: krop.com/clarencebradley/#/150764


Big thanks to our MC Best of 2017 Sponsor, Mighty Recruiting. (Not affiliated in any way with featured creatives or their sites.) Big ups!


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