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November 26th, 2018

Audria Culaciati


Audria is a copywriter/editor in Santa Barbara, CA. MC gets asked all the time, what do I do if I don’t have any big ad campaigns yet? Or, forget big ad campaigns, what if I’m not an agency/brand writer—what if I write product copy, website copy, email campaigns, etc.? Audria’s site is one example of how to do it. At the time of this post, she’s got three projects up—for Sonos (product copy), Women’s Heritage (zine), and Topa Topa Brewery (product copy). That’s not a lot of content, but you definitely get the vibe for what she’s all about. Dig it.

NOTE: MC would love to see more portfolio sites like Audria’s—that do a good job of showing off work that’s product, retail, in-house, or website-focused. Such a demand for it right now. Send ’em in if you’ve got ’em!

Portfolio: culaciati.co


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