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Jason Siciliano, here. I was copywriter/CD at ad agencies in San Francisco and Minneapolis for 12 years, then in-house at Target and Yahoo!, and now I’m CD at SquareTrade in San Francisco. I started Modern Copywriter in 2009 as a way to keep track of all the fabulous copywriters out there and, possibly, as a way for us to connect. In September 2016, I started including art directors, designers and teams. Why not? We’re all in this together.

If you’d like me to revise, update or remove your post, say the word and it shall be done. If you’re a creative who isn’t on MC but would like to be, shoot me a link. If you know a creative who should be here, have them shoot me a link.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped me get MC off the ground—and to everyone who’s encouraged, inspired, and cajoled me into keeping it going over the years. Big ups.

Copywriters (and all creatives) are gentle souls in a rough biz. It’s important to stick together, share what we know, inspire each other, and be there for one another when things get shitty. If MC can help us do that, awesome.

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