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June 20th, 2016

Craig Baldo


Craig is a copywriter/CD/comedian in NYC. So much awesomeness all over his site, including Lumbergh for Atlassian (above), stand-up on Conan (wow), cartoons with Harry Bliss (featured in The New Yorker amongst others), and a page of tweets that made coffee shoot out MC’s nose. So good.

Portfolio: craigbaldo.com

April 11th, 2016

Mila Golubov


Mila is a copywriter/ACD at VML in NYC. All kinds of cool projects on her site—but as a long-time resident of the Bay Area, MC has to give a special shout-out to Burger King Proud Whopper. Such a simple, bold, genius idea. Can’t help but make you proud to be in advertising. Love it.

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/milagolubov

March 28th, 2016

Alex Basak & Tara Iannotti


Alex (writer) and Tara (art director) are a creative team at 360i in NYC. Check out the animated series “How to Turn a Meeting into Eating” they made for the new Subway (above, featured on both of their sites), for which they did everything but the animation—including performing and recording the music, doing the voiceover, etc. Love that.

Alex’s portfolio: alexbasak.com

Tara’s portfolio: taraiannotti.com

September 23rd, 2015

Shloimy Notik & Chad O’Connell


Shloimy is a copywriter at 360i in NYC. He shares a site with creative partner/art director Chad O’Connell. Together, they’ve launched a real dating app for bacon lovers called Sizzl (Oscar Mayer, client) that’s been getting all kinds of crazy press. It’s hot. It’s fresh. It’s crispy. MC is in love.

Portfolio: chadandshloimy.com

February 19th, 2014

Brett Brown


Brett is a freelance/permalance senior copywriter in NYC. He shares a site with AD/creative partner/spouse Krista Brown, who submitted it to MC. All kinds of cool stuff in their portfolio, including work for Acura, Carl’s Jr., Harley, and an Armored Tailgating Vehicle for Union Bank. But, work aside, can we just pause here for a moment and applaud a married freelance/permalance creative team who still likes each other enough to do something nice, like submit their site to a little industry blog that specializes in what the other person does? Love that.

Portfolio: broughttoyoubytheletterb.com

August 23rd, 2013

CW Wanted: 360i, NYC


Elinna Vega, Creative Recruiter at 360i in NYC, is looking for socially oriented writers to join their creative team. From Elinna: “Before the advent of traditional advertising, there was direct marketing: cheesy sales people at your door with a product. Then, came print, radio, TV, the internet, and NOW… SOCIAL. Nearly 24 hours a day we’re connected, plugged in and tuned-in to a larger social consciousness aptly named social media. As of late, there’s been a natural evolution in the way we engage with social media; it is no longer a place to go “poke” your friend, “like” their post about today’s crappy weather, or track where in the world Brangelina is vacationing. The new wave of advertising is real-time, social advertising.

Do you think in social activations? Talk in tweets? Fantasize about content that will crash the internet with its impressions – content that begs to be shared to the point of full-blown viral-ness (i.e.: Bacon Barter, Oreo Daily Twist, Oreo Superbowl Tweet). If you think you can develop and execute content for some of the world’s most popular and beloved brands (namely, OREO), I’d love to hear from you. Disclaimer: if you’re scared of producing CONTENT every day, while the whole world is watching…this is not the job for you. We talk to 100m+ people a day – feeling chatty?

You love: Pop-culture, Social media, Technology, The obscure, undiscovered and unknown, Challenges (see below), Redefining brand identities within the parameters of relevant, real-time data & insights.

*Most importantly: Free Beer on Tap, Ping-Pong and Pop-A-Shot.”

Send portfolios to: elinna.vega@360i.com

August 15th, 2013

Julie Rutigliano


Julie is a senior copywriter at 360i NYC. She’s been a writer/CD in NYC since 2004, when she got her start at Mad Dogs & Englishmen. MC is always interested to see what CW’s include on their About Us pages. For example, personal recommendations. At the bottom of Julie’s About Us, she’s got two fantastic notes from Kash Sree and Noah Kerner. How do you beat that?

Portfolio: julierutigliano.com

April 4th, 2013

CW Wanted: 360i

Elinna Vega, Creative Recruiter at 360i in NYC, is looking for a copywriter. From Elinna: “360i is looking for writers because I’m not one. We love writers who tell stories and not the ones that begin with ‘once upon a time’. We strive for original, ground breaking, industry elevating, brand heightening, multi-platform stories/ideas (i.e.: Bacon Barter, Daily Oreo Twist). We encourage and solicit ideas from all levels of our creatives and we move fast – break neck speed fast. If you have stories to tell, come share them and get work produced for some of the world’s largest brands. Plus, we have free-flowing caffeine (in all its forms) and beer!” Wait. Beer???

Send portfolio links to Elinna.vega@360i.com

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