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August 31st, 2015

Tim Mac


Tim is a copywriter in NYC, previously at Big Red in Melbourne, Australia, looking to land his first job in the States. Click on his About page and you find a write-up from Tim about having never won an award in his first three years in the business because Big Red doesn’t enter them. You’ll also find a video below it—a testimonial from Tim Horton (Founder of Big Red) and Campbell Smith (Creative Director of Big Red)—the most glowing testimonial MC has ever seen, period. Who needs awards when you’ve got that?

Portfolio: timmacsurlalonemakesmethinkthatweshouldprobablyhirehim.com

July 2nd, 2015

Jack Emery


Jack is a copywriter moving to Amsterdam in late July, and he’s on the hunt for a new gig there. His portfolio is loaded with retail projects from his time at Big Red in Australia. Don’t miss his “People’s Class” campaign for JetStar, Australia’s #1 low-cost carrier. Super fun.

Portfolio: jackemerycreative.com

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