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December 23rd, 2017

Ricky Lambert


Ricky is a senior copywriter at Suckle in Denver. All kinds of smart work on his site including projects for Lottery Scratchers and some killer outdoor boards (don’t miss his first project for Colorado Crisis Services, awesome). Because this is MC, we had to feature Ricky’s side project “The Idea-O-Meter” (above) because it’s just so perfectly copywriter. And so true.

Portfolio: rickylambertdotcomwastaken.com

October 2nd, 2017

Mike King


Mike is a freelance copywriter/ACD in Denver. Is there anything better than clicking through a copywriter’s site and finding real-deal headlines all over the place? Yes. Discovering that there’s a whole page (“Headlines”) of bonus headlines, right next to a page of rejected Onion headlines. Dig it.

Portfolio: mikeking.co

February 5th, 2016

Shea Tullos


Shea is a copywriter at Cactus in Denver. MC was laughing all the way through his portfolio, from the testimonials on the home page, to his Extracurriculars projects (would really like to hear some of those Hot Tubbin’ voicemails), to his References focus group. So funny.

Portfolio: sheatullos.com

November 17th, 2014

Jim Morrissey


Jim is a copywriter/creative director at O’Brien Advertising in Denver. His site is called The Good Endeavor, aptly titled with projects for Banner Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Colorado hospital/anti-tabacco initiatives, and QuitDoingIt.com, a cool-looking site to help young adults quit smoking.

Portfolio: thegoodendeavor.com

September 4th, 2014

Elliot Nordstrom


Elliot is a copywriter at Sukle Advertising & Design in Denver. His site was submitted to MC by art director Allie Nordstrom, who also happens to be his wife (rad, big ups, Allie!). Don’t miss his campaign for Man Therapy, featuring Dr. Rich Mahogany, which aims to put an end to the stigma of men and mental health. The name alone is reason enough to watch. Nice.

Portfolio: elliotnordstrom.com

August 21st, 2014

CW/AD Wanted: Cactus, Denver


Cactus in Denver is on the hunt for a copywriter and an art director. From Cactus: “Don’t just apply because weed is legal. That might be a fine initial reason to look at a Colorado agency, but we have other benefits to living and working in CO and at Cactus that you may also want to consider. Cactus is a place that provides that balance of CO fun on the weekends with the ability to do award-winning work during the week. We are a driven team of people that are doing the best work of our careers and striving to make every project great. We are a small (45 Cacti and growing) agency doing innovative, imaginative and bold work for cool clients and for ourselves. We aim to make our work and our portfolios better every day, with every project. For example, last year we won campaign of the year for AdAge. We are making our corner of the planet a better place to live, work and play through smart and thought-provoking ideas and executions, and we are fortunate to be doing it in one of the best places to live. We are looking for top talent to help us further our mission and to add to the culture and our mojo. And yes, of course, weed is now legal.

We’re looking for an outstanding copywriter and art director, each with 3-5 years experience, in advertising or a closely related field. To be seriously considered, copywriters must submit an exceptional portfolio of work, displaying superior conceptual ideation skills, strong headlines, well-written copy and the ability to produce integrated campaigns across digital, video and 2D media. Art directors must submit an exceptional portfolio displaying superior conceptual ideation skills and a wide-ranging skill set (advertising, design, typography and layout; digital, video and 2D media). For both positions, thriving in Cactus’ team-centric environment requires a collaborative spirit, a solution-oriented mindset and the drive to deliver your best work on a daily basis. We value those qualities as much as we value the quality of your portfolio, so we don’t take them lightly.”

To apply for Copywriter: Click here (no calls please)

To apply for Art Director: Click here (no calls please)

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