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August 28th, 2017

Cameron Day


Cameron is a freelance writer/CD in Austin. He’s the son of Guy Day (co-founder of Chiat/Day) and the “PAST” page on his site is a who’s-who list of amazing clients and agencies. Clicking through his work, you see why—great writing all over the place. So what does MC choose to feature? A grocery bag, of course! It just perfectly sums up what a copywriter’s portfolio should be about. You may spend 30 years writing the hell out of everything from Super Bowl TV to Rolling Stone print, but in the end it’s that grocery bag you nailed that makes it to the top. Great writing is great writing, no matter where it appears. Love it.

Portfolio: iamcameronday.com

October 8th, 2013

Prashant Nashi


Prashant is a freelance sr copywriter in Chicago. You know, when MC used to think of Supercuts, MC thought $8. Or, now it’s probably like $20. (Who is MC kidding? It’s exactly $20 at the Supercuts in Corte Madera, CA.) So, it’s refreshing to see a Supercuts campaign featuring up-and-coming rock stars/DJs that doesn’t mention price. Probably pretty awesome for Supercutters out there, too. Nice.

Portfolio: prashantnashi.com

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