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May 1st, 2014

UPDATE: Louis Wittig


Since his last post on MC (03.06.11), Louis moved to Euro where he worked on Dos Equis and The Most Interesting Man in the World, then to Grey New York where he works on everything from Pringles to Purolator. On the side, he’s also doing something awesome for the CW community. From Louis: “I do a Google Helpout where anyone (students mostly) who wants me to take a look at their portfolio can set a up a time, video chat with me, and I’ll tell them what I think. It’s completely free.” To check out Louis’s Helpout: Click here. Big ups, Louis! 

Portfolio: louiswittig.com

June 3rd, 2011

Louis Wittig

Louis is a junior copywriter at iNDELIBLE in NYC. His portfolio features a campaign for the American Heart Association that uses the nastiness of pizza grease to deliver its message in an ingenious way (above). His portfolio also features an app for Little Caesars pizza. And there, my friends, is the copywriter conundrum. We saveth from heart attack. We selleth the heart attack.

Portfolio: louiswittig.com

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