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February 24th, 2017

Ben Santoriello


Since his last post on MC a little over two years ago (01.26.15), Ben has gone freelance and added a bunch of new work to his site—including “Amanda Cerny 19th Century Striptease” for Smith & Forge Hard Cider (above). Nice. Ben also does VO work, including national TV campaigns for Old Dominion, McDonald’s, and 24 Hour Fitness. Time for an update!

Portfolio: bensantoriello.com

September 19th, 2016

Ryan Durr


Ryan is a freelance copywriter/ACD in Richmond, VA (and ready to travel). Since his last post on MC, way back on 05.07.12, he moved from Pereira & O’Dell to Innocean to Martin to freelance—and added a bunch of killer work to his portfolio along the way. Like selling lemonade with Ice-T for Geico (above). Definitely time for an update.

Portfolio: durrtywords.com

September 5th, 2016

Aisha Hakim


Aisha is an art director at Venables Bell & Partners in San Francisco. She’s got a great mix of projects for Reebok on her site, including 25,915 Days (the average number most of us live), above. Also, don’t miss her Mercury Awards-winning radio for VOCALiD. Love that the first art director on MC this week has won a Mercury. Dig it.

Portfolio: aishamadeit.com

January 26th, 2015

UPDATE: Ben Santoriello


Since his last post on MC (04.16.14), Ben has joined The Escape Pod in Chicago and added some new work to his book. So cool to see how his portfolio has evolved since his first post on MC (09.28.12), just after graduating from Creative Circus. Good times.

Portfolio: bensantoriello.com

April 16th, 2014

UPDATE: Ben Santoriello


Ben is a freelance writer in Chicago. Since his last post on MC, just after graduating from Circus (09.28.12), he’s spent time at INNOCEAN and Draftfcb, and added a bunch of work to his site. His book is in that in-between stage, part student and part produced, which MC digs seeing the most. So interesting to check out what writers create in school, and what that means in agency life, at this shop or that. Clicking through Ben’s site, MC totally remembered his school book vibe. And watching his FootJoy video, it’s like, yep, there he is—Bag Checking a pro golfer, just hoping to find Atomic Fireballs or Laphroaig.

Portfolio: bensantoriello.com

March 3rd, 2014

CW Wanted: INNOCEAN, Huntington Beach

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 8.58.00 AM

Jill Pool, Director of Creative Resources at INNOCEAN, is on the hunt for a copywriter. From Jill, “We’re looking for a social copywriter. Someone who loves and embraces everything social media. You’ve got solid concepting chops, but you’re also a tactical ninja. You punctuate with precision. You drop #hashtags in all the right places. And you crank out metadata like a machine. Being constrained to 90 characters? No big deal. (And that’s INCLUDING a bit.ly.) You get excited every time your Twitter app gets an update. Even more so whenever a new social app comes out. When your Klout score drops, your heart sinks, too. But then you come up with a new posting strategy FTW. Also, maybe you made bank selling your Flappy Bird-loaded iPhone on eBay recently. In which case you probably don’t need this gig. But we should talk anyway.” To apply, email your stuff to Jill at the address below.

Send your stuff to: jpool@innoceanusa.com

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