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July 11th, 2016

Andre Vriesman


Andre is a senior copywriter at Wexley School For Girls in Seattle. Really fun mix of projects on his site, including Carhartt “Hire These Pants” (above), a giant Darigold Farmalicious fridge, The Tennis Court for Wilson, and a Microsoft Lync slingshot for old phones. Good times.

Portfolio: andrevriesman.com

January 2nd, 2012

Mark Radcliffe

Mark is a copywriter/ACD in NYC. There’s a killer variety of work on his site for clients ranging from Corona to Mitsubishi to Washington Mutual. But don’t leave without checking out his Personal section. Mark’s also a talented singer/songwriter, voiceover guy and photographer. His blog, Fucked Umbrellas, features pics of broken umbrellas abandoned on the streets of NYC along with captions of what each umbrella’s owner might have been thinking. In Haiku.

Portfolio: markradcliffe.com

September 23rd, 2011

Scott Stripling

Scott is a freelance copywriter/ACD in Winston-Salem. Check out his TV page. It rocks. Washington Mutual, Washington State Department of Health, and T-Mobile are MC faves. If you’re the father of a daughter, don’t miss T-mobile “Hard Questions.” Arrrg.

Portfolio: scottstripling.com

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