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February 2nd, 2015

CW Wanted: Sleek Machine, Boston


This is so cool. Tim Cawley, copywriter/CD featured on MC (back on 06.07.10), is now Co-founder/Chief Creative Officer of Sleek Machine in Boston—and he’s on the hunt for a copywriter. From Tim:

“Sleek Machine is a creatively-driven startup agency in Boston co-founded by Chief Creative Officer Tim Cawley (a formerly MC-featured writer whose portfolio blog you can see here: http://timcawley.blogspot.com.

Sleek Machine is looking for an entrepreneurial, optimistic, prolific, relentless, responsible, conceptually rock-solid copywriter. Someone with 3-8 years experience. Want someone who can generate exciting ideas, regardless of medium. Someone who sees opportunity in everything – from cushy, boondoggle-y TV production, to the no-budget social media post. You can get a sense of our venture here: sleekmachine.com.

National accounts in a range of categories. Fast-paced, productive, tight-knit environment. You will definitely produce book-worthy, real work for real brands.”

Please send a portfolio link to: inquiry@sleekmachine.com

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