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November 2nd, 2016

Lindsey Campbell


Lindsey is a copywriter at Brand Content in Boston, previously in-house at Staples (last post on MC 07.03.14). In a world that’s spinning a little negative at the moment, it’s so nice to see someone using their copywriter powers for good. Lindsey’s no-budget School The World campaign generated 7 million views in one week for a non-profit that builds schools for kids in developing countries. More of that, please.

Portfolio: copylady.website

July 3rd, 2014

Lindsey Campbell


Lindsey is an in-house copywriter at Staples in Framingham, MA. There’s nothing MC digs more than an in-house CW fighting the good fight for a classic brand. From the holiday Snowbot to Alice Cooper to one of the best back-to-school spots ever (click here) to Lindsey’s Easy Button mailer (above), Staples has a voice that’s got to be fun to play with a writer. Nice.

Portfolio: copylady.virb.com

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