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February 15th, 2018

Chase Zreet


Chase is a copywriter at Firehouse in Dallas. Bunch of killer projects up on his site for clients like Interstate Batteries (OMG the van), National Cheerleaders Association, and Nothing Bundt Cakes. But what’s featured above is not on his site. It’s a video cover letter Chase made back in the day to try to land a gig at Wieden on Sprite. It’s a rap video, which, I know, if you’re like MC you’re like “Oh no,” but oh yes. It’s really good. And it’s all Chase. Tip o’ the Hat, sir.

Portfolio: chasezreet.com

November 5th, 2014

Scott Rostohar


Scott is a copywriter at Sanders\Wingo in Austin. His site features lots of digital and social projects, plus 100 days of beats, his blog about technology in advertising, a video of what it’s like to be a copywriter, and a children’s book that tells the story of Scott and his girlfriend—a second grade teacher (adorbs).

Portfolio: scottrostohar.com

October 29th, 2014

UPDATE: Sarah Weigl


Sarah is a copywriter at Secret Weapon in Los Angeles. Since her last post on MC (11.29.12), she’s moved from Austin to L.A., joined Secret Weapon, moved her portfolio site to dunked, and added a whole bunch of hilarious Jack In The Box work. Update!

Portfolio: sarahweigl.dunked.com

November 29th, 2012

Sarah Weigl

Sarah is a copywriter at Sanders/Wingo in Austin. (Her site was submitted by Nikki Lott at Integer. High-five, Nikki.) One of the things MC enjoys most, going through a CW’s portfolio, is seeing their personality come through the work. Spend 30 seconds on Sarah’s site, and you see it. Bad-ass. Also, be sure to check out her rad blog Badder Homes & Gardens, with Nikki and Krista Hogg. Awesome.

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/sarahweigl

August 21st, 2012

Justin Clemens

Justin is a senior copywriter at T3 in Austin. MC predicts that someday, Austin will be the advertising equivalent of Minneapolis in the south. Got the music. Got the culture. Got the Longhorns. Got Justin Clemens, writing for Dell, WSJ, U of Texas, Tidy Cats, and (most importantly) his nephew Owen’s Austin Addy-winning birth announcement.

Portfolio: justinclemens.com

January 20th, 2012

Kathy Farley

Kathy is a copywriter/ACD at Proof in Austin. If you’re a sucker for crazy animation/illustration like MC, check out Kathy’s campaign for Heritage Boot Elves. (In Broadcast, second to the last spot.) Bonus points for Spanish with subtitles.

Portfolio: kathyfarley.com

November 25th, 2009

Matt Morin


Matt is a San Francisco copywriter who, as it happens, was a college buddy of mine at U of Oregon. You know what’s not fair about writers like Matt? Writers who worked at good interactive shops like T3? Their slick sites that you just know were done in 30 minutes by one of their punk interactive buddies. Whatever, Matt. The rest of us use blogs. Free blogs. Like writers are supposed to use. Jerk.

Portfolio: mattmorincreative.com

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