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March 28th, 2015

Senior CW Wanted: Trozzolo, Kansas City


Trozzolo Communications Group in Kansas City is on the hunt for a Senior Copywriter. (MC can smell the KC BBQ from here. Mmm!) From Trozzolo:

“We build our team into the best by working with the best. Which means finding the best. Specifically, you – the best senior copywriter we need to meet. A talented ad creative with a writer-callused mind and a gift for weaving gold out of creative briefs. You mix strategy, insights and mandatories to produce creative that’s fresh, award-worthy and on-target. You know the difference between conversational copy and term paper grammar. You prefer the former and reject the latter. You have a passion for the business even after seven to 10 years writing in it. You’re self-directed, but take direction admirably. You’re a quick study. You see every project as an opportunity and greatness as its reward. Your versatility rivals duct tape. You can concept and write ads, collateral, broadcast, digital, news articles, content, guerilla and cat. Yes, cat. But you know that cats, while amusing, clog your Facebook feed. So you avoid them. You at least avoid concepting them.

As a team member, you’ll report to our executive creative director, who lugs every creative award behind him, from National Addys to CA to One Show to Cannes. He’ll make you better. Your book will thank you.

You team up. Writer/art director partnerships are key here and you thrive in them (you may even have an art director partner we’d consider). Speaking of art direction, you get it and think visually, too. You take a leadership role in the creative process from concept to completion. You care about the flow of your craft, sweating the flavor of every headline, subhead, byline, sentence and paragraph. All while nailing deadlines and strategy. Fast turns and bigger campaigns and projects will fill your plate, so efficiency and time management are key. As is presenting your work, which you do through all phases. Also, you get bored working on the same stuff. You won’t here. Finally, you’ve read every word of this and it was kinda like reading your own bio. Let’s talk.

Trozzolo Communications Group is a marketing communications agency that takes pride in our top talent, strategic thinking and award-winning creative. Our clients are many and we like that. It makes us, and our jobs, more stable. We’re growth-oriented. In fact, it’s all we do. We’ve never experienced a down year in 26 years. Our unique culture is based on relationships and teamwork. We’re a competitive bunch. We work hard to make each other better. Collaboration rules here. Fun reigns. And growth resounds.”

Please send letter, portfolio link and resume to: careers@trozzolo.com

March 24th, 2014

Joe DeSalvo


Joe is a senior copywriter at Bernstein-Rein in Kansas City. Bunch of fun stuff on his site, including a spot in the Filet-o-Fish Submarine, outdoor for the Hostess Comeback, terrifying showers for Beauty Brands, and Bon Appétightwad for McD’s Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger (nice).

Portfolio: joe-d.com

August 13th, 2012

Brad Hamilton

Brad is a copywriter/ACD at Trozzolo in Kansas City. MC is clicking through Brad’s book and what pops up onto the screen shining like a glorious piece of print glory? Is it, could that be, but it’s not, yes it is, a long copy campaign for a bank, including one ad that’s nothing but words? “Like a steam engine coal slinger, you stoke it with the next client contract …” Oh hells yes.

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/bradhamilton

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