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December 25th, 2016

Happy Holidays from MC


Merry Christmas and happy holidays from MC (above, December 1977)! May you have a safe and relaxing end of 2016—so you can hit 2017 feeling inspired and ready to kick some creative you-know-what. You’re going to do big things this year. MC can feel it.

MC will be back Monday, Jan 2, 2017. Send those links in. See you soon!

January 4th, 2015

Hey Freelancers


MC is gonna start 2015 with a new tag. We’re often asked, “Hey, I’m looking for a freelance copywriter in (city/area) who’s good at (kind of copywriting). Can you recommend someone?” MC isn’t in the business of recommending one freelancer over the other—but what we can do is add a “freelancer” tag to your post, so it’s easier for agencies and business to track you down. NOTE: The tag will be public, for all to see. If you’re down, hit up MC at the email below. Free as always, of course.

Email MC at: jason@moderncopywriter.com

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