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December 14th, 2017

Eric Gautschi


Eric is a copywriter/CD/managing partner at The New BLK in Omaha. Lots of killer work on his site for well-known brands like Airbnb and Nissan, and smaller brands like Lucky Bucket Brewing Co. (above) and Omaha’s Brickway Brewery. So cool to get to see a great book filled with work that most of us (outside of Nebraska) wouldn’t normally get to see. Dig it.

Portfolio: ericgautschi.com

December 7th, 2017

Jane Harrison


Jane is a long-time freelance copywriter/CD in Orlando (but willing to travel). She’s worked with an eclectic mix of clients over the years, including Turner Classic Movies, Shutterfly, NBA City, CIBC Bank (North America), Cable & Wireless (Grand Cayman Island), and the North American Veterinary Community (above). Always interesting to see the difference between how a permalance creative executes their site (aiming for clients) versus an agency or in-house creative (aiming for a job). Dig it.

Portfolio: rightcreative.com

December 4th, 2017

Ben Phillips


Ben is a senior creative at TBWA\Manchester. Since his last post on MC (07.23.2015), he’s been busy. He’s got a killer-looking site (Squarespace), including an awesome video reel landing page. Love all of the amazing characters in his portfolio, from Neal the Sofaworks sloth, to New Westland Safelawn’s Lawn Man (above), to Glen the rentalcars.com Rental Car guru, to Ben’s dog who dances to Def Leppard (not kidding). Time for an update!

Portfolio: bennypee.com

November 27th, 2017

Kevin MacPhee


Kevin is a copywriter for Mintz + Hoke (Hartford, CT agency) living in Boston. His book is in that half-produced/half-spec stage that’s so interesting to see. What’s it going to look like in one year? Stay tuned!

Portfolio: kevinmacpheedotcomwastaken.com

November 22nd, 2017

Eduardo Vea Keating


Eduardo is a copywriter/CD from Spain who’s been living and working in Chicago for the past six years—and is currently at DDB Chicago. Lots of cool outdoor and experiential stuff on his site, including projects for Mexico.com (above) and MINI (love the chairlift). Which makes sense, because he also has a second Behance site showing off his art, design and sculpture projects. Love it.

Portfolio: behance.net/eduportfolio

November 20th, 2017

Matt Benjamin


Matt is a copywriter in Albuquerque on the hunt for his next thing. Love the strategic write-ups for his projects, titled “Consider This.” Short, to the point, great way to set things up. Also dig that Matt includes #1 Failures for each job he’s had on his Experience page—along with three things he’s learned (down at the bottom). Super smart site, all the way around. Except for his Jokes video. That’s good and dumb.

Portfolio: getmattbenjamin.com

November 16th, 2017

Mike Beamer


Mike is a copywriter/CD at JWT in Chicago. Since his last post on MC a year ago, Mike has added a St. Louis Children’s TV campaign, an Illinois Tourism TV campaign and some other Illinois-made videos and OOH to his site. But his favorite update is an Illinois Tourism print ad in Sports Illustrated congratulating his beloved Cubs for winning the World Series (published in the World Series commemorative issue). Yessssss.

Portfolio: heymikebeamer.com


November 14th, 2017

Max Reinhardt


Max is a new copywriter on the hunt for his first copywriting gig after recently “matriculating” from San Diego Portfolio School. (Max’s word, not MC’s. Nice.) What’s more fun than that? His student portfolio features six spec campaigns at the time of this post, including the above for Happy Socks. Adorbs.

Portfolio: maxreinhardt.carbonmade.com

November 13th, 2017

Ruben de Barros


Ruben is a junior copywriter at Nylon in Lisbon, Portugal. His site is hosted on Behance, which seems to be a more popular portfolio platform in other countries than here in the US (where Squarespace is king). Nothing MC loves to see more than new copywriter portfolios, doesn’t matter where from. Fresh ideas are fresh ideas.

Portfolio: behance.net/Quarterbackdeideias

November 10th, 2017

James Maravetz


James is a writer/director at Storyfarm in Baltimore. Since his last post on MC (08.07.14), he’s been busy. From James: “After years of working as a Creative Director at big agencies like Crispin and Saatchi, I decided to pursue my dream of directing commercials myself. I moved to Baltimore and took over the creative and directing duties for a film production company called Storyfarm. With my advertising experience, combined with Storyfarm’s production capabilities, we’ve created an interesting niche for ourselves as a hybrid ad agency/production company. Now I’m writing and directing content directly for clients, usually without an agency go-between.” Dig it.

Portfolio: jamesmaravetz.com

November 1st, 2017

Dave Rutherford


Dave is an architect in NYC who’s changing careers to copywriting. He’s got five spec campaigns on his site as of this post—and the first one for HGTV (above) is a perfect example of how to turn something you know well into an awesome spec campaign. Nice. Can’t wait to see where Dave lands!

Portfolio: daverutherfordcw.com

October 30th, 2017

Chiyeung Lau


Chiyeung is a recent Creative Circus grad who’s now at Deutsch NY. What kind of student book do you need to land at an awesome shop like Deutsch out of school? This is your chance to find out. (Hint: it’s great.) Love the crazy mix of spec clients. Starts with the Archdiocese of New York (above), ends with Playboy Magazine and Under Armor. Nice.

Portfolio: chiyeunglau.com

October 26th, 2017

Randy Warner


Randy is a new copywriter on the hunt for his first full-time gig after graduating from Savannah College of Art & Design (congrats!) in the spring and finishing up an extended internship with VML in Kansas City. Really great, strategic student work all over his portfolio from SCAD. Also, don’t miss the NAPA project he worked on while at VML, including Old Car Champion Facebook posts (above). Super fun idea.

Portfolio: randywritesstuff.com

October 25th, 2017

Ryan Simonson


Ryan is a senior copywriter/ACD in Los Angeles on the hunt for new opportunities in LA and beyond. Bunch of cool projects for Starbucks on his site, plus work for Hotel Irvine, Toll Roads of Orange County, Circle K, Thermador, and Village Inn (above). Good times.

Portfolio: ryansimonson.com

October 23rd, 2017

Kapil Kachru


Since his last post on MC almost five years ago (11.14.12), Kapil has added some killer projects to his already killer portfolio. Blind Lucky, a “proof of concept for a feature disguised as a short,” Comma womenswear, Strellson menswear, and a PlayStation concept book that goes way deeper than shoot-em-up (above). Love it.

Portfolio: kapilkachru.com

October 19th, 2017

Flora Kim


Flora is a new copywriter in Los Angeles after graduating from Portfolio Studio San Diego (congrats!), on the hunt for her first junior agency gig. Love seeing new writer books: Flora’s got all kinds of killer ideas and writing on her site for a fun variety of clients, from total student spec Little Trees Air Fresheners to big brands like Kiehl’s. Dig it.

Portfolio: astoldbyflora.com

October 18th, 2017

John Geany


John is a copywriter who just moved to Brooklyn from Boston (where he spent time at Arnold Boston and MMB), on the hunt for freelance or full-time. Bunch of cool projects on his site for brands like Subway, Toyota, Jack Daniel’s, and New Balance. Don’t miss his not-so-sweet campaign for Sweet Baby Ray’s (above, brutal). Excited to see where John lands!

Portfolio: johngeany.com

October 16th, 2017

Alan McCoy


Alan is a senior copywriter in Dallas on the hunt for freelance or full-time. Since his last post on MC way back on 01.30.10, his book is 100% new—including projects for McDonald’s, Wells Fargo, 7-11, and a whole page of hand modeling. (Nice hands!) Definitely time for an update.

Portfolio: alanmccoy.com

October 11th, 2017

Copywriters Wanted: TracyLocke, Wilton, CT


Kelly Jensen, Recruiting Manager at TracyLocke, is on the hunt for a senior copywriter, mid-level copywriter, junior copywriter, senior art director, mid-level art director, and junior art director, to join their team in Wilton, Connecticut (north of NYC). So basically, if you’re a super talented creative of any type and down with Connecticut (beautiful, BTW), Kelly is looking for you! From TracyLocke:


Senior Copywriter/Mid-level Copywriter

We are brand experience designers. Using design thinking, we craft brand experiences that create value at every relevant touchpoint. From in-store merchandising, digital/social/mobile applications and retailer initiatives to local marketing, packaging development and content creation, our purpose is to get consumers and shoppers to buy into your brand and purchase your product.


  • We are looking for a copywriter and a senior copywriter to join our global HP (Hewlett-Packard) creative team who understand that technology needs to be explained in terms that humans can embrace and understand.
  • You will create copy that illustrates the detailed side of HP technology and brings out that core human benefit by making these products and features easier to understand and meaningful to the consumer. There’s a level of storytelling that needs to be maintained to create clear, concise copy that’s also engaging to read.
  • On a project-by-project basis, this position will require drafting communication about product benefits and features, often within short timelines. Headline development will also be a key component. You will also need to be able to incorporate feedback from both the agency and clients and turn around revisions quickly.


  • Bachelor of Arts degree and previous agency experience required. Previous technology writing a plus.
  • The ideal candidates will be extremely motivated and able to work well on their own as well as within their team. We’re big into collaboration here, and you should be, too.
  • Copywriter Candidates will have 1+ years of experience as a copywriter in an agency setting. Senior Copywriters will have 4+ years of experience as a copywriter in an agency setting.


Other Creative Team Openings

Are you collaborative, passionate about the creative process and looking to develop cutting-edge work in the technology sector? We are currently looking for:

  • Associate Creative Director/Copy
  • Sr Copywriter
  • Copywriter
  • Junior Copywriter
  • Sr Art Director
  • Art Director
  • Junior Art Director

Qualified candidates have an online portfolio of relevant work samples, agency experience (or agency internship for entry-level/junior positions), and relevant degree or have completed a portfolio school program. Experience working in an IAT a huge plus.


  • Desire, passion, belief that creative work trumps all.
  • Portfolio School recommended. BA degree or the equivalent required.
  • Advertising agency experience is ideal.


To apply for Senior Copywriter/Mid-level Copywriter: Click here

To apply for any of the Other Creative Team Openings: Click here

October 9th, 2017

Senior Copywriter Wanted: The Community, Miami


Jo Hoyos from The Community (La Comunidad) in Miami is on the hunt for a senior copywriter. From Jo:

“Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • 5-7+ years in copy role
  • Bachelor’s or related degree in copy, creative writing, English, advertising, etc.
  • Experience creating content for start-up tech clients a plus
  • Experience working at creative agency preferred”

Send your portfolio to: work@thecommunityus.com

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