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April 21st, 2016

Elliott Allen


Elliott is a freelance copywriter/CD in Charleston, South Carolina. (Previously at Vitro in San Diego.) Huge variety of clients on his site, including Toyo Tires, Asics, Taylor Guitars, Newcastle Brown Ale, Lifeproof, Boston Scientific, Massey Ferguson, and Petco (above). If you love pets (oh stop, you know you do) don’t miss his video “Petco Now Launch.” Adorbs.

Portfolio: elliottallencreative.com

June 12th, 2013

Jenny Badman

Jenny is a freelance writer in South Carolina. So … when you click through a portfolio site, it’s all about the work, right? Then, if you like the work, you call and see if you like the writer. Sometimes though, you click through a portfolio site and read what the writer’s written, about their work, about their creative partners and clients, about collaboration, and you already know: this is a nice person. I could work with this person. That’s the vibe MC gets from Jenny’s site. She obviously loves what she does (web sites to wine labels) and who she does it with. That’s awesome.

Portfolio: jennybadman.com/portfolio

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