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February 6th, 2017

Reagan Ward


Reagan is a senior copywriter/ACD in New York. So many killer projects on her site. Peyton Manning for DIRECTV, “Never Again” for PIXMA, Nexcare Nana vs. Car Wash, and the one and only MC Hammer for Command Hooks (above). Dig it!

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/reaganwrites

October 26th, 2016

Mike Breighner


Mike is a copywriter at VML in NYC where he helped create the above Moto Dojo campaign highlighting Motorola’s Moto Action. There are times when every copywriter gets lost in the grind of penning 500 tags for some new product that doesn’t really need a tag and questions, “Why? Is this really a job? Is what I do worthy of my short time on this planet?” Then comes along a project like Mike’s Moto Dojo and it all goes out the window. Of course this isn’t a real job. Look at what we do. And yet, somehow, they pay us. Shhh.

Portfolio: mikebreighner.com

September 22nd, 2016

Andrei Chahine


Andrei is a copywriter/VP, Brand Creative Director at MTV in NYC, which sounds like the coolest job ever. Since his last post on MC back on 03.02.12, Andrei moved to New York, worked at Anomaly and Grey, and now leads MTV’s in-house creative department. He’s also added all kinds of new work to his portfolio, including MTV VMA campaigns (for which he’s won a bunch of Cannes Lions). Time for an update!

Portfolio: andreichahine.com

August 24th, 2016

Andrew Payton


Andrew is a copywriter/GCD at Story in NYC. Since his last post on MC (way back on 09.21.11), he’s got a new site, new gig, and a whole bunch of new work for clients like Verizon, Audible, Vevo, Google, Chapstick, and Mentos. Don’t miss his beautiful campaign for Popsicle (above) celebrating summer. Is it really almost over? How’d that happen so fast?

Portfolio: apayton.com

August 15th, 2016

Andrew Kim


Andrew is a new copywriter in NYC, just finishing up an internship at Wieden+Kennedy. All kinds of cool, inventive ideas in his portfolio including projects for Lego (above) and DJI Drones, soap that helps conserve water, a homemade cardboard Merit pencil for the One Show (nice), and 95 Feet—a reminder not to drive tired.

Portfolio: yeahforsure.com

July 25th, 2016

Thom Crowley


Thom is a copywriter/comedian in NYC. For years, MC has been writing about how copywriters make good comedians and vice versa. Thom’s portfolio is proof yet again, from his talking Progressive Box spots (above) to Todd Spaulding, Brand Strategist™. Don’t miss Thom’s Spoofs&Goofs page—his tweets to and from @Tide and @BounceFresh had MC laughing out loud.

Portfolio: thomcrowley.com

July 18th, 2016

Joe Moon


Joe is a copywriter at McCann Erickson in NYC (previously spent 10 years in the US Army, two combat tours, big ups!). All kinds of cool projects on his site including work for US Army, Independence Day Resurgence, and a bunch for Lockheed Martin. Don’t miss “Field Trip To Mars” (above). So cool.

Portfolio: watchthemoon.com

July 7th, 2016

Reed Sullivan


Reed is a new copywriter in NYC after recently graduating from Savannah College of Art & Design and completing an internship at Droga5. (Congrats, Reed!) He is also the child of two copywriter parents, which might be a first for MC. Can’t wait to see where he lands.

Portfolio: reedthewriterguy.com

June 30th, 2016

Brian Alexander


Brian is a copywriter at Deutsch in NYC. Since his last post on MC just after graduating from Miami Ad School (way back on 07.18.11), he’s been busy. According to his About page, “Brian is from North Dakota. It was cold. Now he lives in Brooklyn where his writing appears in The New Yorker*, his advertising work is in the permanent collection at The Museum of Modern Art** and he is the host of All The Brians, a podcast where he interviews people named Brian for no reason***.” MC will leave it to you to read the other side of those asterisks. (Heh-heh.)

Portfolio: brianbrianbrianbrianbrian.com

June 20th, 2016

Craig Baldo


Craig is a copywriter/CD/comedian in NYC. So much awesomeness all over his site, including Lumbergh for Atlassian (above), stand-up on Conan (wow), cartoons with Harry Bliss (featured in The New Yorker amongst others), and a page of tweets that made coffee shoot out MC’s nose. So good.

Portfolio: craigbaldo.com

June 16th, 2016

Jeff Tepper


Jeff is a copywriter in NYC looking for his next gig (formerly at Anomaly). Don’t miss his GIF work for PEZ and Captain Morgan (above), which is super fun. Also, be sure to stop by his Personal Art & Comedy page, which is deep and crazzeee.

Portfolio: jefftepper.com

June 9th, 2016

CW/AD Team Wanted: Merkley+Partners, NYC


Kyle Daley, Director of Creative Services at Merkley+Partners in NYC is looking to hire a go-to, can-do team with 3-4 years experience. From Kyle: “Are you a big-ideas-driven duo looking to add some serious heft to an already impressive portfolio? At M+P you’ll own major projects on one of the most prestigious accounts on the planet: Mercedes-Benz. You’ll develop and produce lots of high profile TV, as well as digital, print, POS, radio, event, branded entertainment… the whole gamut. You’ll be a key part of our new business efforts. And you’ll get to apply your creative muscle to other big name accounts like Nutella, ALL Laundry Detergent, Smart Car, Armor All and more. If you’re interested in becoming an integral part of M+P’s smart and collaborative team, please send your portfolio to Kyle at the address below. Creative “Teams” only.

Send portfolio to: kdaley@merkleyandpartners.com

June 1st, 2016

Andrew Hurwitz


Andrew is a new copywriter in NYC and a recent graduate of Miami Ad School (December 2015). His book is hot off the presses, his face is clean shaven, and he’s on the hunt for his first full-time gig. How fun is that? Fun.

Portfolio: bookofandrew.space

May 9th, 2016

Chris Baier


Since his last post on MC just over five years ago (03.27.11), Chris has been busy. He became a CD, joined eBay, worked on a bunch of their site builds, wrote design playbooks for eBay and PayPal, and developed his own social media app called Hashtag Spy. Way overdue for an MC update.

Portfolio: chris-baier.com

April 11th, 2016

Mila Golubov


Mila is a copywriter/ACD at VML in NYC. All kinds of cool projects on her site—but as a long-time resident of the Bay Area, MC has to give a special shout-out to Burger King Proud Whopper. Such a simple, bold, genius idea. Can’t help but make you proud to be in advertising. Love it.

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/milagolubov

March 30th, 2016

Amanda Caldari


Amanda is a copywriter at Rokkan in NYC. (Her site was submitted by Jeff Samson, CD at Rokkan, big ups!) Love her campaign for Birthday Wishes (above)—a non-profit that throws birthday parties for homeless kids. So good. And don’t miss her Eyeconic campaign featuring real paid actors as testimonial spokespeople. Imagine!

Portfolio: amandacaldari.com

March 28th, 2016

Alex Basak & Tara Iannotti


Alex (writer) and Tara (art director) are a creative team at 360i in NYC. Check out the animated series “How to Turn a Meeting into Eating” they made for the new Subway (above, featured on both of their sites), for which they did everything but the animation—including performing and recording the music, doing the voiceover, etc. Love that.

Alex’s portfolio: alexbasak.com

Tara’s portfolio: taraiannotti.com

March 16th, 2016

Copywriter Wanted: Merkley+Partners, NYC


Kyle Daley, Director of Creative Services at Merkley+Partners, is looking for a writer. From Kyle: “Merkley+Partners in NYC is on the hunt for a copywriter, 2-3 yrs. experience to work on a variety of accounts including Mercedes-Benz, ALL Laundry Detergent, Smart Car, Nutella, Armor ALL and more. This truly is a great job, with great opportunity to create brand messages in TV, digital content, environmental design, print, POS, radio, event, branded entertainment, etc. If you have a portfolio full of conceptual and unexpected ideas, can write some killer lines and copy, and really like to work in a collaborative nature on integrated campaigns for some of the best known brands out there, please send your portfolio to the address below.”

Send your portfolio to Kyle at: kdaley@merkleyandpartners.com

Check out Merkley+Partners site: Click here

March 7th, 2016

Nick Elliott


Nick is a freelance senior copywriter/ACD in New York City. Before copywriting, he was in book publishing and online journalism (Chronicle Books, Thrillist, etc.), which is fabulous experience/training for the ad/marketing world. Lots of cool projects on his site for Uniqlo, Mercedes-Benz and others. Don’t miss DefundRefund—his side project funding Planned Parenthood in honor of the GOP politicians vowing to defund it.

Portfolio: njecreative.com

March 2nd, 2016

Emma Shannon


Emma is a senior copywriter/ACD at beauty@gotham, McCann Worldgroup in NYC. She has helped kill not one, but two of the most famous taglines in the history of modern advertising. She helped put “Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline” to bed for “Make It Happen.” Same with Wisk’s “Ring Around The Collar” for “Fight Stains with Science.” What’s #3 going to be???

Portfolio: emmashannon.com

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