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September 19th, 2016

Ryan Durr


Ryan is a freelance copywriter/ACD in Richmond, VA (and ready to travel). Since his last post on MC, way back on 05.07.12, he moved from Pereira & O’Dell to Innocean to Martin to freelance—and added a bunch of killer work to his portfolio along the way. Like selling lemonade with Ice-T for Geico (above). Definitely time for an update.

Portfolio: durrtywords.com

April 29th, 2016

VCU Brandcenter Week 2016


For everyone not able to attend VCU’s recruiter sessions this week, MC is honored to present the portfolio sites of 20 VCU Brandcenter graduating copywriters (in alphabetical order):

Devin Altman – devin-altman.com

Larissa Cole – larissacole.com

Charlie Curnow – charliecurnow.com

Scott Dobbin – scottdobbin.com

Kevin Fitz – kevinbfitz.com

Emily Hovis – emilyhovis.com

Scott Lucien – scottlucien.com

Scott Minniear – scottminniear.com

Patrick Newman – patrickhnewman.com

Jon Northrop – jonnorthrop.com

Sean O’Connor – seanboconnor.com

Jacob Pankey – pankeydotgov.com

Prit Patel – pritpatelfanclub.com

Stephen Shocket – stephenshocket.com

Michelle Smith – michellelottsmith.com

Mike Stango – mikestango.com

Katie Tiambeng – katietiambeng.com

Ray Tolbert – raytolbert.com

Sarah Westerfield – sarahwesterfield.com

Grace Xie – gracexie.com

April 28th, 2016

VCU Brandcenter Week – Larissa Cole


VCU Brandcenter Week on MC Thursday is Larissa Cole. So much to like in her portfolio. So many different voices—from the zaniness of Just Wink to the truthiness of Adultish Awardies to the beautifulness of Cincinnati Ballet. Also, don’t miss her About Me page In Pictures (have to click to it from About Me In Words). So fun.

Portfolio: larissacole.com

April 27th, 2016

VCU Brandcenter Week – Patrick Newman


VCU Brandcenter Week on MC continues with Patrick Newman. Lots of headline campaigns in Patrick’s book, including Spanx for Men, Merry Maids, Gränsfors Bruk, Milk Duds, and Scotchgard. Like it. Really fresh art direction throughout as well. Don’t miss Inflated Egos, which MC must have for the next MC Writer’s Ball.

Portfolio: patrickhnewman.com

April 26th, 2016

VCU Brandcenter Week – Michelle Smith


VCU Brandcenter Week on MC continues with Michelle Smith. Every once in a while, you see something so brilliant in a portfolio that it stops you in your tracks. Michelle’s Slim Jim car visor meat clips are in that category. They’re the perfect combination of cheap tchotchke, useful everyday tool, in-your-face branding—and they’re just so Slim Jim. Delish.

Portfolio: michellelottsmith.com

April 25th, 2016

VCU Brandcenter Week – Stephen Shocket


VCU Brandcenter Week on MC kicks off with Stephen Socket. As usual, MC is blown away by the CW books coming out of VCU—and Stephen’s is a great example of why. He’s got four ad campaigns for Megabus, Timex, Michaels, and Playstation VR. He’s also got a digital magazine and video about ham (above, Ham Manual), an animated short film (that he animated), a product (bottled coffee), and a kids book “Why Is Everyone Murdering Me?” And that doesn’t include his Other Projects page. How do you get better? You make stuff make stuff make stuff.

Portfolio: stephenshocket.com

December 16th, 2015

James Moffitt


James is a copywriter at Capital One in Richmond, VA, and a graduate of VCU. While he’s new to copywriting, he’s not new to writing and has an interesting portfolio to show for it. Biking to messenger bags, outdoor gear to Sink/Swim Press, there’s a super cool/alternative POV that runs through his site and his projects. Love to see someone doing it different.

Portfolio: jamesmoffitt.carbonmade.com

May 1st, 2015

VCU Brandcenter Week 2015


For everyone not able to attend VCU’s recruiter sessions this week, MC is honored to present the portfolio sites of 24 VCU Brandcenter copywriters graduating May 9th, 2015 (in alphabetical order):

Sue Attalah – sueattalah.com

Richard Beahm – richardbeahm.com

Curt Chapkowski – curtchapkowski.com

Andrew Couch – johnandrewcouch.com

Elizabeth Daniel – elizabethdaniel.info

Emma Dou – emmadou.com

Patrick Farrell – patrickbfarrell.com

James Feess – jamesfeess.com

Nick Gelbard – nickgelbard.com

Patrick Girts – patrickgirts.com

Joe Hartley – joehartley.pizza

Andy Holdeman – andymightsave.us

Sarah Johnston – sarahejohnston.com

Melanie Matlock – melaniematlock.com

Conor McCann – conordrummmccann.com

Mike McGuire – michaelkmcguire.com

Alison Murphy – amurph.com

Ryan Niland – ryanniland.com

Dorado Quick – doradoquickwrites.com

Nick Roberston – bnrobertson.com

Neeruj Sethi – neerujsethi.com

Ryan Snyder – rysny.com

Jesse Stanton – jessestanton.com

Madeleine Trebenski – madeleinetrebenski.com

April 30th, 2015

VCU Brandcenter Week – Patrick Girts


What’s better than clicking through a portfolio and laughing out loud? Above is a photo of Patrick that, according to his About Girts page, he hates. (Now immortalized on MC, you’re welcome!) Loving all of the VCU portfolio site About Us pages, BTW. Good stuff. Also, don’t miss Patrick’s campaign for Black Flag Bug Zappers (“The last thing that went through his head … was one of his legs.”). And his Character Demo Reel in Voice Work. Awesome.

Portfolio: patrickgirts.com

April 29th, 2015

VCU Brandcenter Week – Joe Hartley


One of the great things about clicking through VCU student books is that you never know what you’re gonna find. Joe’s got under-label fold-out stories for Hellmann’s (above), taxi tops for Greyhound, funky video for Airwick, and the Patbenetaur—you’ll just have to find that one for yourself. Can’t wait to see where Joe lands after graduation.

Portfolio: joehartley.pizza

April 28th, 2015

VCU Brandcenter Week – Emma Dou


No two copywriters become copywriters the same way. Check out Emma’s “Life Highlights” page and you’ll learn that she started in Nanjing, China, moved to Vancouver, Canada, undergrad at University of British Columbia, summer dishwasher in Osaka, Japan, then three novels, The Great Wall, Popeye’s Chicken, Empire State Building, VCU Brandcenter, and here we are today. Ta-da!

Portfolio: emmadou.com

April 27th, 2015

VCU Brandcenter Week – Madeleine Trebenski


VCU Brandcenter Week 2015 kicks off with Maddy Trebenski. The awesome thing about student portfolios is that they’re, well, student portfolios. You can do anything, for any client. Maddy’s got stop-motion videos for Tim Hortons, a game for Twirl-A-Squirrel (OMG buying one immediately), packaging for Happy Socks, creepy ear love for Sennheiser, and other weird stuff including a seance with a Pretty Pony from Dollar Tree (above). As it should be.

Portfolio: madeleinetrebenski.com

April 25th, 2014

VCU Brandcenter Week 2014 – CW Grads


Ladies and gentlemen, MC is honored to present the portfolio sites of the 2014 VCU Brandcenter graduating copywriters (in alphabetical order):

Sam Bauer – sambauercw.com

Karen Bolipata – karenbolipata.com

Jimmy Burton – jimmyburton.com

Ally Farrish – allyfarrish.com

Peter Henningsen – peterhenningsen.com

Katie Johnston – katierjohnston.com

Blakeley Jones – blakeleyjones.com

Demian Kendall – demiankendall.com

Chase Kimball – clkimball.com

Nicole Lague – nicolelague.com

Liz Loudy – lizloudy.com

Samson Madella – samsonmadella.com

Steve Nass – stevenjnass.com

Trong Nguyen – tronghnguyen.com

Hunter Pinnell – hpinnell.com

Erin Ridgeway – erinridgeway.com

Garrick Sheldon – garricksheldon.com

Gabe Sherman – meetgabesherman.com

Colleen Trachy – colleentrachy.com

April 24th, 2014

VCU Brandcenter Week 2014 – Jimmy Burton


Jimmy’s Divorce-A-Ments project begins with this simple introduction: “A lot of things change after your parents get divorced. One of those things is Christmas.” Amen, brother. MC is guessing we’ll see some form of these in Urban Outfitters around November/December.

Portfolio: jimmyburton.com

April 23rd, 2014

VCU Brandcenter Week 2014 – Samson Madella


Samson is from South India, where from 2002 through 2012 he was a professional bass player, church elder, missionary, guitar player, songwriter, clinician, proofreader, gofer, report writer, activist, publicist, singer, change agent, band manager, hotel lobby musician, content writer, and social justice advocate. Today, he is a new copywriter grad from VCU Brandcenter, and his site features projects represented by electric guitar pedals. Excellent.

Portfolio: samsonmadella.com

April 22nd, 2014

VCU Brandcenter Week 2014 – Ally Farrish


You know what’s funny? Listening to people annunciate when they’ve got a cold. It’s just stupid funny. Ally’s campaign for Afrin features a Google Translate language setting for Congested (sponsored) that turns ordinary sentences into their stuffed-up equivalent. Afrin needs to do that.

Portfolio: allyfarrish.com

April 21st, 2014

VCU Brandcenter Week 2014 – Garrick Sheldon


VCU Brandcenter Week 2014 kicks off with Mr. Garrick Sheldon. Part of the fun of putting together a student book is that you not only get to go crazy creative with the work, but also with clients/projects. Garrick’s Monsanto campaign “In search of solutions, not popularity” flips the finger at protesters in the name solving world hunger. His Gas-X campaign “Focus” is a series of short documentaries about people who need less distractions on the job—female and male strippers is the first (above), bomb technicians will be the second. His LegalZoom.com campaign “Garage, Inc.” is about connecting entrepreneurs with investors who are willing to invest workspace. Dig it.

Portfolio: garricksheldon.com

March 31st, 2014

Keat Powell


Keat is a senior copywriter at Free Agents in Richmond, VA, and an adjunct instructor at VCU. Awesome to see portfolios come in from long-time Richmond creatives. (Big-ups, Keat.) Such a strong community there, led by Martin and VCU. Dig it. More, please!

Portfolio: keatpowell.com/copywriter

October 28th, 2013

Oliver McCutchen Jr.


Oliver is a copywriter in Richmond, VA, previously at Martin. His site is built with readymag, the first on MC (pretty sure). Looks great. Also, it allows Oliver to step you through his portfolio in the order he wants, which is cool. Dig it.

Portfolio: readymag.com/HouseofO/portfolio

April 25th, 2013

VCU Brandcenter Week 2013 – CW Grads

Ladies and gentlemen, MC is honored to present the portfolio sites of the 2013 VCU Brandcenter graduating copywriters (in alphabetical order):

Adam Tetreault: adamdtetreault.com

Andrew Kong: andrewckong.com

Atain Ibia: atain.me

Chris Martin: notthatchrismartin.com

Christina Semak: christinasemak.com

Daniel Chen: thedanielchen.com

Don Principe: thedonprincipe.com

Evelynne Scholnick: evelynnes.com

Faye Ibars: fayeibars.com

Gary Baker: andthenithought.com

Ian Downey: upsidedowney.com

Kai Neddersen: kaineddersen.com

Katlyn Williams: katlynwilliams.com

Maddison Bradley: maddisonbradley.com

Mary Gross: maryfgross.com

Matt Meszaros: mattmeszaros.com

Matt Skibiak: mattskibiak.com

Megan Winterhalter: meganwinterhalter.com

Michelle Lamont: michellelamont.com

Taylor Schumaker: taylorschumaker.com

Zac Milner: zacmilner.com

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