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December 17th, 2016

Freelance Copywriter Wanted: Donnan, NorCal


Kirk Donnan, of Donnan Creative Strategy in Sunnyvale, CA, is on the hunt for a killer freelance writer based in Northern California. From Kirk: “My virtual agency just landed a big client and I need a high-tech copywriter/designer yesterday. If we can find a stellar writer that has a good design perspective, that would suffice.

First assignment: 20-30-slide powerpoint that the CMO can present to Sales and Marketing departments on Jan. 25, at the annual Sales Kickoff.

This is a very technical company, so I need someone with tech, strategy and creative chops. The job will involve spending quite a bit of time with the CMO over the next few weeks in Santa Clara, CA. So someone based in San Francisco or Northern California is probably best.”

Send your portfolio or link to Kirk at: kirk@donnancreativestrategy.onmicrosoft.com

July 7th, 2014

Todd Shikora


Todd is a senior copywriter moving from Chicago to San Jose this month. The first project on his site is for Ziploc: “Will you prevail in a zombie apocalypse?” Um. Guess what. MC is going to survive a zombie apocalypse. Know why? Because sandwich baggies. Thanks to you, SC Johnson, A Family Company. And thanks to you, Mr. Shikora.

Portfolio: toddshikora.com

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