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June 30th, 2014

Brigham Young University 2014 – CW Grads


Ladies and gentlemen, MC is honored to present the portfolio sites of the 2014 Brigham Young University graduating copywriters below. (Would have done BYU Week, but already had posts scheduled and wanted to get this up ASAP after graduation — apologies!) Big thanks to Chase Lucero for coordinating. Congrats to all!

Spencer Ashton – spencerashton.com

Chase Hilton – chasehilton.com

Seth Jenkins – seththompsonjenkins.com

Megan Machen – dropr.com/meganmachen

Chase Lucero – chaselucero.com

Ryan Siepert – ryansiepert.com

Brian Shaw – Bshaw.org

Kendall Tingey – kendalltingey.com

Brooke Taylor – cargocollective.com/brookelebaron

Camille Trent – cargocollective.com/camillehansentrent

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