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March 22nd, 2017

Chris Baker


Chris is a freelance senior copywriter in NYC, previously at Figliulo & Partners and Pereira & O’Dell. He’s written spots for the Sprint Framily Frobinsons and World of Tanks (with Steven Seagal, above), improvised on a we-are-in-a-foreign-country-and-don’t-have-a-permit-for-this-everybody-be-cool digital campaign for Skype, and has made everything in between for brands like Macy’s, Virgin Atlantic, AC Hotels, Seabourn, and Mattel. He’s also optioned a TV pilot with Caviar Content in LA about Guardian Angels. Awesome.

Portfolio: thechrisbakery.squarespace.com

February 24th, 2017

Ben Santoriello


Since his last post on MC a little over two years ago (01.26.15), Ben has gone freelance and added a bunch of new work to his site—including “Amanda Cerny 19th Century Striptease” for Smith & Forge Hard Cider (above). Nice. Ben also does VO work, including national TV campaigns for Old Dominion, McDonald’s, and 24 Hour Fitness. Time for an update!

Portfolio: bensantoriello.com

January 11th, 2017

Creative Circus Week – Copywriter Grads


New copywriters! Nothing MC likes better. Ladies and gents, below are links to four Creative Circus December 2016 graduating writer portfolio sites:

Jessica Hartman (copywriter) – jessicadawnhartman.com

Sydney Langway (copywriter) – sydneylangway.com

Dan Lemaux (copywriter) – danlemaux.com

Estephania Martin (copywriter) – estephaniamartin.com

January 10th, 2017

Creative Circus Week – Art Director Grads


December 2016 Creative Circus Week on MC continues, today with the portfolio sites of eight art director grads. Can’t wait to see where they’re gonna land!

Lauren Adams (art director) – laurenbrookeadams.com

Michelle Bird (art director) – michellelouisebird.com

Leslie Graham (art director) – leslyegraham.com

Sally Mills (art director) – stuffbysally.com

Chidalu Montanya (art director) – chidalu.com

Derek Smith (art director) – derekcsmith.com

Shannon Steger (art director) – shannonsteger.com

John Wood (art director) – johnleowood.com

January 9th, 2017

Creative Circus Week – Designer Grads


Ladies and gentlemen, this week MC is honored to present the portfolio sites of December 2016 Creative Circus grads: designers (Monday), art directors (Tuesday), and copywriters (Wednesday). Congrats to all!

Patrick Bone (designer) – patrickbonedesign.com

Catherine Buchanan (designer) – catbuchanan.com

Deanna Clark (designer) – deannaclark.com

Ana De Olano (designer) – anadeolano.com

Katherine Law (designer) – katherinelaw.com

Adam Vettraino (designer) – adamvettraino.com

Mary Claire White (designer) – mcforshort.com

October 3rd, 2016

Creative Circus Fall 2016 Designer Grads


On Saturday 9/24, MC posted September 2016 graduating Circus writers and art directors. Today, we’ve got the designers (shout out to Kristin Martin, Director of Creative Services at Circus). Congrats to all of the recent grads!

Lina Bahri – linabahri.com

Brandi Dewberry – brandidewberry.com

Rachel Burt – rachel-burt.com

Kate Lewkowicz – katelewkowicz.com

Olivia McWhirter – oliviamdesign.com

Stephanie Morgan – stephaniehelenmorgan.com

Andy Myrick – philip-myrick.squarespace.com

Caitlin Parent – caitlinparent.com

Amberlynn Pope – hiamberlynn.com

Robyn Steadham – rlsteadham.com

Manya Swick – manyaswick.com

Allyson Tachiki – allysontachiki.com

Mary Claire White – mcforshort.com

September 24th, 2016

Creative Circus Fall 2016 CW & AD Grads


Ladies and gentlemen, MC is honored to present the portfolio sites of September 2016 Creative Circus graduates (in alphabetical order). NOTE: If you’re a Circus grad and would like to be added to this post, just shoot an email with your link to jason@moderncopywriter.com.

Adil Hussain (writer) – adilwritescopy.com

Amy Lazo (writer) – amylazo.com

Andrew Wernette (writer) – AWtheCW.com

Anh Nguyen (writer) – anhsbrightideas.com

Anna Crane (writer) – annacrane.co

Ashlyn Bell (writer) – ashlynmariebell.com

Audrey Saunders (art director) – audreysaunders.com

Chris Davis (writer) – christophdav.com

Corey O’Brien (writer) – itscoreyo.com

Courtney Hoenicke (writer) – illtakeanumberten.com

Dwight Williams (art director) – dwightwilliamsjr.com

Emily Bress (writer) – emilybress.com

Evan Easley (writer) – evaneasley.com

Grace Martin (art director) – gracemar10.com

Hannah Heller – (copywriter) – thecurlyh.com

Jane Stephens (art director) – janespelledjane.com/janestephens

Jared Fernandes (writer) – FernandesWithAnS.com

Jared Owenby (writer) – jaredonb.com

Jessica Kesner (art director) – jessicakesner.com

Katie D’Agostine (writer) – schmadvertising.com

Kelsey Heard (art director) – kelseyheard.com

Keri Speer (art director) – kerispeercreative.com

Kory Brocious (art director) – korybrocious.com

Lacie Johnson (art director) – lacieraejohnson.com

Makeda Loney (copywriter) – makedaloney.com

Mary Gilmore (art director) – marygilmoread.com

Nick Rog (art director) – nickrog.com

Reagan Fromm (art director) – reaganmfromm.com

Regina Strong (writer) –  regina-strong.com

Sam Johnson (art director) – samjohnsondotcomwastaken.com

Sammi Chancey (writer) – sammichancey.com

Tyler Emmons (art director) – tyleremmons.com

September 7th, 2016

Josh Weiss


Josh is an art director at Saatchi in Los Angeles. Tons of projects for Toyota on his site, including a series of influencer videos for 4Runner. Don’t miss “The Last Jump” by Chris McNamara (above), which shows what can happen when base jumping doesn’t go as planned. (Gulp.) Cool use of YouTube’s annotation feature for this project.

Portfolio: joshdweiss.com

September 6th, 2016

Rob Gregory


Rob is an art director (JWT, Leo Burnett, Creative Circus) turned photographer who now shoots full time. You can see the AD influence in his photography—including his projects Childhood Cancer Superheroes, 2016 Wheelchair Softball World Series, and RIC Hornets Wheelchair Basketball (above). Very cool.

Portfolio: robgregoryphotography.com

August 24th, 2016

Andrew Payton


Andrew is a copywriter/GCD at Story in NYC. Since his last post on MC (way back on 09.21.11), he’s got a new site, new gig, and a whole bunch of new work for clients like Verizon, Audible, Vevo, Google, Chapstick, and Mentos. Don’t miss his beautiful campaign for Popsicle (above) celebrating summer. Is it really almost over? How’d that happen so fast?

Portfolio: apayton.com

July 20th, 2016

Andrew Lepere


Andrew is a new copywriter after graduating from Creative Circus in June. In his first project, for Gunpowder Rye Whiskey, he uses real gunpowder to create their logo. Watch the “making of” video and you’ll see that they did it on a table in what looks like a very small backyard. (Gulp.) The things we do for portfolios.

Portfolio: andrewlepere.com

June 23rd, 2016

Alison Hammer


Alison is a copywriter/CD at MARC USA in Pittsburgh, PA. She’s got a crazy variety of projects up on her site, including online videos for verisign that look like they would have been a blast to shoot. “Ok, fish—hit him!” Also, don’t miss her Hate Mail page. We’ve all gotten it. Nice to see it proudly displayed.

Portfolio: alisonhammer.com

May 25th, 2016

Catharine Ogletree


Catharine is a freelance copywriter in Los Angeles (formerly at Omelet and Deutsch). So many killer projects for Target on her site, including The Dollhouse for Threshold and Best Snowday Ever in Los Angeles (above). Love it.

Portfolio: catharineogletree.com

March 30th, 2016

Amanda Caldari


Amanda is a copywriter at Rokkan in NYC. (Her site was submitted by Jeff Samson, CD at Rokkan, big ups!) Love her campaign for Birthday Wishes (above)—a non-profit that throws birthday parties for homeless kids. So good. And don’t miss her Eyeconic campaign featuring real paid actors as testimonial spokespeople. Imagine!

Portfolio: amandacaldari.com

March 21st, 2016

Creative Circus March 2016 Copywriter Grads


Ladies and gentlemen, MC is honored to present the portfolio sites of the March 2016 Creative Circus graduating copywriters (in alphabetical order):

Evan Beasley – evanbeasley.work

Simeon Jackson – simjackson.com

Blake Morris – blakemorris16.com

Lesley Scheuermann – lesleyscheuermann.com

Sarah Wagner – sarah-wagner.com

October 19th, 2015

Jason Corbin


Jason is a copywriter/CD at CSE in Atlanta. Since his last post on MC (09.18.13), he’s moved from Ogilvy to CSE, Cargo to Squarespace, and added all kinds of new work to his site, including Big Head Lee for Coke Zero (above). Time for an update!

Portfolio: corbinideas.com

October 9th, 2015

Creative Circus Fall 2015 Copywriter Grads


Ladies and gentlemen, MC is honored to present the portfolio sites of the Fall 2015 Creative Circus graduating copywriters (in alphabetical order):

Sarah Bailey – sarah-bailey.squarespace.com

Matt Detiveaux – mattdetiveaux.com

Phil Fattore – philfattore.com

Anthony Feggans – anthonyfeggans.com

Hayden Griffin – haydenthegriffin.com

Meredith Haan – meredithhaan.com

Joey Henson – joeyhenson.com

Geoff Johnson – geoffjohnson.ninja

Aaron Konter – aaronkonter.com

Henry Kook – henrykook.com

Morgan Mack – atypicalmorg.com

Lauren Merrell – lmerrell.com

Antonio Moore – moore2love.com

Andrew Singleton – andrewsingletoncreative.com

Hilary Smith – thehilarysmith.com

Teddy Solberg – anotherdamnportfolio.com

Sadie Thow – copywritress.com

Keith Wasser – keithwasser.com

Matt Welborn – matt-welborn.com

Becca Zavorski – beccazavorski.com

October 8th, 2015

Circus Week Fall 2015: Phil Fattore


Phil is a new copywriter at barrettSF in San Francisco. So many student campaigns are based on dating life, or going on benders, or surviving the day after going on a bender, or pest control, or snacks, or booze. But you don’t see a lot of campaigns for vitamin supplements targeting the 50+ crowd. Phil’s SilverFox Force Active Figures are so funny, and so stupid, and so perfect.

Portfolio: philfattore.com

October 7th, 2015

Circus Week Fall 2015: Teddy Solberg


Circus Week Wednesday and that means it’s time for the one and only Teddy Solberg. Fun mix of projects on Teddy’s site including Tumi, Lifesaver, Long John Silver’s, and Honest Beer Labels (above, why not?). Don’t miss Teddy’s video “What makes you creative?” which was required as part of his application to … Miami Ad School. Love that.

Portfolio: anotherdamnportfolio.com

October 6th, 2015

Circus Week Fall 2015: Joey Henson


Joey is a new copywriter at BBDO NY working on Snickers (awesome) after graduating from Creative Circus. Don’t miss his case study for Post-it JotSpot, created with fellow Circus grads Ilana Wolstein and Hilary Smith. Such a perfect idea for Post-it. Such a good thing it doesn’t exist. MC’s 6th-grade daughter would be SO annoyed. “At the library? How’d you get so smart? Oh yeah, me!” Or, “In the kitchen? Hey, what’s that smell? You, acing your math test tomorrow!” C’mon, Post-it. Make that app.

Portfolio: joeyhenson.com

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