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September 24th, 2016

Creative Circus Fall 2016 CW & AD Grads


Ladies and gentlemen, MC is honored to present the portfolio sites of September 2016 Creative Circus graduates (in alphabetical order). NOTE: If you’re a Circus grad and would like to be added to this post, just shoot an email with your link to jason@moderncopywriter.com.

Adil Hussain (writer) – adilwritescopy.com

Amy Lazo (writer) – amylazo.com

Andrew Wernette (writer) – AWtheCW.com

Anh Nguyen (writer) – anhsbrightideas.com

Anna Crane (writer) – annacrane.co

Ashlyn Bell (writer) – ashlynmariebell.com

Audrey Saunders (art director) – audreysaunders.com

Chris Davis (writer) – christophdav.com

Corey O’Brien (writer) – itscoreyo.com

Courtney Hoenicke (writer) – illtakeanumberten.com

Dwight Williams (art director) – dwightwilliamsjr.com

Emily Bress (writer) – emilybress.com

Evan Easley (writer) – evaneasley.com

Grace Martin (art director) – gracemar10.com

Hannah Heller – (copywriter) – thecurlyh.com

Jane Stephens (art director) – janespelledjane.com/janestephens

Jared Fernandes (writer) – FernandesWithAnS.com

Jared Owenby (writer) – jaredonb.com

Jessica Kesner (art director) – jessicakesner.com

Katie D’Agostine (writer) – schmadvertising.com

Kelsey Heard (art director) – kelseyheard.com

Keri Speer (art director) – kerispeercreative.com

Kory Brocious (art director) – korybrocious.com

Lacie Johnson (art director) – lacieraejohnson.com

Makeda Loney (copywriter) – makedaloney.com

Mary Gilmore (art director) – marygilmoread.com

Nick Rog (art director) – nickrog.com

Reagan Fromm (art director) – reaganmfromm.com

Regina Strong (writer) –  regina-strong.com

Sam Johnson (art director) – samjohnsondotcomwastaken.com

Sammi Chancey (writer) – sammichancey.com

Tyler Emmons (art director) – tyleremmons.com

August 31st, 2016

Welcome, Art Directors, Designers & Teams


Since 2009, Modern Copywriter has featured hundreds of awesome copywriter portfolio sites. Over the years, one of the most common questions MC has been asked is, “When are you going to start modernartdirector.com?” Well, it’s time. Except, we’re going to do it a little different than that.

ModernCopywriter.com is now open to copywriters, art directors, designers, teams, and other creatives with amazing portfolio sites—but it’s still going to be Modern Copywriter (rather than a collection of sites). Few reasons for that. First, having a single site will generate the most traffic for your posts and when it comes down to it that’s what ya’ll are here for—traffic to your portfolio sites. Two, I’m a copywriter and it’d be silly for me to write posts from any other perspective. Three, maintaining one site is so much easier than two, three, or four. Finally, trademark, legal and URL issues blah blah blah.

NOTE: If you just want to see copywriters, click on “Copywriters” in the sidebar on the right and everyone else magically disappears.

There you have it. As always, thanks to everyone in the MC community. Here’s to the next six years!

Send portfolio links to: jason@moderncopywriter.com

March 28th, 2016

Alex Basak & Tara Iannotti


Alex (writer) and Tara (art director) are a creative team at 360i in NYC. Check out the animated series “How to Turn a Meeting into Eating” they made for the new Subway (above, featured on both of their sites), for which they did everything but the animation—including performing and recording the music, doing the voiceover, etc. Love that.

Alex’s portfolio: alexbasak.com

Tara’s portfolio: taraiannotti.com

December 18th, 2015

Madison Jackson & Danae Belanger

Madison Jackson, copywriter at DDB Chicago, and Danae Belanger, art director at DDB Chicago, made the above agency holiday video “Drunk History: DDB” and yes, Danae is really drunk in it. Brave, stupid, hilarious, genius, yes.

Madison’s portfolio: goalittlemad.com

Danae’s portfolio: danaebelanger.com

September 23rd, 2015

Shloimy Notik & Chad O’Connell


Shloimy is a copywriter at 360i in NYC. He shares a site with creative partner/art director Chad O’Connell. Together, they’ve launched a real dating app for bacon lovers called Sizzl (Oscar Mayer, client) that’s been getting all kinds of crazy press. It’s hot. It’s fresh. It’s crispy. MC is in love.

Portfolio: chadandshloimy.com

September 21st, 2015

Andy Lewis & Stephen Giem


Andy Lewis is a senior copywriter in San Francisco. He’s work-married to senior art director Stephen Giem and they’ve consummated the relationship with a joint portfolio site that’s hilarious and all love. It links out to their individual sites, which is a great way to do it. The couple is asking for whiskey or gin in lieu of gifts, which you can send directly to MC.

Portfolio: stephenandandyforever.com

June 29th, 2015

Team Arnie


Copywriter Austin Campbell (USA) and Art Director Axel Spendlingwimmer (Austria) have joined forces after graduating from Miami Ad School Hamburg to form Team Arnie. As in, Schwarzenegger. They’re currently looking for their first gig in Germany, London, Paris, or Amsterdam. Turn on your volume before visiting their site (above). It’s ridiculous.

Portfolio: teamarnie.com

August 7th, 2014

UPDATE: James Maravetz & Vlad Ivangorodsky


Since their last posts on MC, James Maravetz (01.28.13) and Vlad Ivangorodsky (honorary AD 10.15.12) have combined their insane portfolios into one super insane portfolio site. MC found it impossible to choose which project to feature, there’s so much killer work, but what’s above seemed appropriate. In athletics and creative, you can’t until you can.

Portfolio: cargocollective.com/vladandjames

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