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Posting your job opening on Modern Copywriter is easy. There’s no automatic form to fill out, because I make them regular posts in the main feed—featured content seen by all visitors (not tucked away on a jobs page). Just email me a description of the position, contact info, agency/company logo, and I’ll take it from there. Oh, and PayPal $150 to jason@moderncopywriter.com, please. (Thank you.) Done!

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Questions? Concerns? Email: jason@moderncopywriter.com

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“Thanks again for the post, we were able to find and hire a great candidate we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise reach. If you ever need a reference for the effectiveness of posting on your site, let me know, seriously saved us a ton of time and money.”

Dale Halfaker, ACD/Copywriter
Petco, San Diego


“We had such good luck with our job posting for our Chicago office (we hired someone that applied through MC) that we now want to post a CW job for our Milwaukee office!”

Gretchen Conley, HR Manager
Laughlin Constable


“Works the site does. My Padewan, I have found. I put an ad up on Moderncopywriter.com looking for a new writer and I found a really good one. It is my sincerest hope that I help him become a great one. The ad I placed generated nearly 50 highly-targeted leads in about two weeks. It was fast, easy and inexpensive. Much better, in my opinion, than going with a big trade pub for the same job.”

Shane Hutton, Managing Partner/Founder
Arcana Academy


“I just wanted to tell you that I hired a CW from your site, not only a CW, but his AD partner. I’m moving them both out to NYC and they start next month. I owe it all to you!”

Elinna Vega, Creative Recruiter
360i, NYC


“Guess what? I hired a copywriter who saw the post. It fucking worked!”

Scott Maney, Chief Creative Officer
Breakaway, Boston


“I’m the guy who filled the position. [Above] It was thanks to MC that I found this opportunity. Thank you. It’s been a blast so far. You’ll be seeing stuff from us soon. And if you’re ever in the area let me know, I’ll get you a beer.”

Lawrence Wang, Copywriter
Breakaway, Boston


“I came across your site. It’s great. Hence the email subject ‘great site.’ Really interesting to see and keep up with people’s work. And as someone looking for freelance or full-time work, I also appreciate the job postings. Keep it going.”

Adam Moroze, Copywriter/ACD
Chicago, IL

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